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BCC AdminTool for IBM Connections Cloud for Secure User Management

If you have spent any time at all administering IBM Connections Cloud, you may have noticed a peculiar design point regarding user administration. Whilst IBM have provided a functional tool in the onboarding manager web interface, there is very little in the way of a logged audit trail. IBM also make available a means to utilize an integration server and perform some of the tasks inbulk or batchmode, but it is not easy. Combine that with the limited user types provided by IBM, and you have a couple potential challenges;

  • delegation of who performs user management functions without opening up too much authority to too many users
  • validating and demonstrating appropriateness of user management activities, particularly for audit and service level evidences

security, Admin Tool, user management

IBM Connections Cloud User Management Made Simple – overview

There is a lot to like about IBM Connections Cloud offerings, but you must keep in mind that there are user management requirements that remain with your company, even in a cloud only solution. And the reality is that IBM Connections Cloud does not easily or automatically integrate with other Identity Access Management (IAM) tools and platforms. This results in a need to either use the IBM provided interfaces with their limitations, or build your own integration to your existing IAM solution, or use a third party application to bridge the gap. That is what we will look at in this article - specifically BCC’s AdminTool for Connections Cloud.

IBM connections cloud, Admin Tool, user management