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For nearly a decade, members and collaborators of the IBM community have gathered for a three-day conference. Each conference provides attendees with a vast array of experiences, networking opportunities, and insider knowledge from the best experts in the field. After attending MWLUG, most people find that they have learned firsthand about the most relevant and exciting innovations in the IBM community, have made personal connections with industry professionals they might not otherwise have met, and have learned about a wide range of relevant and useful topics within the IBM ecosystem.

In 2009, the first MWLUG conference was held at the IBM Center in Chicago. While organizers expected that event to be a success, even they were not prepared for the overwhelmingly positive reaction that attendees, speakers, and industry leaders had. The annual MWLUG has grown in size and stature ever since.

By 2014, the event featured more than 30 sessions covering a wide range of topics. The conference was focused on increasing collaboration and human connection both in the digital world and the physical one. Perhaps most notable was the event's newest topic: open source technologies and their relationship to IBM products and solutions.

Last year, the conference was held at the Four Seasons in Austin, Texas. Again, the primary topic of discussion was collaboration, and particularly social collaboration. With more than 40 technical sessions and sessions and numerous networking events, the 2016 MWLUG was widely regarded as a major success.

Of course, this means that expectations for the 2017 MWLUG are higher than ever.


The 2017 MWLUG

This year, MWLUG is being held near Washington D.C. The Hilton Mark Center in Alexandria, VA will host the event, and there are dozens of innovative sessions and networking opportunities for attendees to take part in. The theme for this year is "Moving Collaboration Forward", which builds upon the themes from the previous few years with attention towards the next stage in collaborative solutions. As the community of MWLUG attendees grows, collaboration becomes important not only in our respective companies, but also within the MWLUG community itself.

Among the sessions planned for this year's conference, a few stand out, particularly BCC's own: General Data Protection Regulation. Ignoring This = Paying Fines!



This year, we are proud to be attending the three-day conference, and to meet with many professionals, peers, and clients who attend. On display will be one of our most powerful products, DominoProtect. We will also be giving away a Ring Wifi Doorbell , so make sure to find us to say hello and to sign up for your chance to win one for yourself!

There is every indication that MWLUG will continue the tradition of being a fun, informative, and collaborative event. We hope you'll find our booth and say hello!

To learn more about MWLUG, or to find out how to register yourself, please visit our MWLUG 2017 web page.


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