Welcome to our suite of products and services, designed to empower you in navigating this dynamic landscape. We specialize in crafting the Digital Workplace, a concept that revolutionizes how organizations operate in the digital age. The Digital Workplace is the hub where technology, communication, and collaboration converge. It's a place where your employees can work efficiently, no matter where they are, while maintaining the highest levels of security and productivity. 


Teams Management

From managing Teams sprawl to auto archiving content, managing external users, and every changing landscape of compliance and governance needs, our solutions will help you to reduce cost and complexity while increasing overall security and governance. 


Guest User Mangement

Specializing in Guest User Management within Microsoft 365, we provide tailored customizations to govern the creation and entire lifecycle of guest user accounts, surpassing the standard options available in M365.


Collaboration Governance

Every day, companies are finding new ways to communicate and collaborate both internally and externally. Our suite of products and services let you allow your users to work the way they want to without sacrificing security or compliance, no matter where how they choose to collaborate. 


Cloud Migration

When migrating from one platform to another, there is no room for downtime or mistakes. At BCC, we have helped migrated hundreds of customers and tens of thousands of users with no downtime, missing information, performance issues all while not having to sacrificing security.


What makes us different from our competitors?

We are your long-term partner in business transformation. Our comprehensive full support model encompasses everything from email migration and database security to Microsoft Teams management, ensuring you not only adapt to new ways of working but also maximize the value of your current investments.


We have over 20 years of specialized expertise working with customers like yourself.

Dedicated team

Our team includes a full on-site engineering team to customize our tool sets however you need.


We offer software, services and hands on consultants to evaluate every project and provide custom services at every level.

Full support

From consulting and training to service packages, we are ready to ensure your project completes on schedule and on budget.

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