Guest User Management in Microsoft Teams

Specializing in Guest User Management within Microsoft 365, we provide tailored customizations to govern the creation and entire lifecycle of external user accounts, surpassing the standard options available in M365.

Manage External Users

Creation & Onboarding: Streamline external user onboarding with our solution's simple request processing and automated Entra ID account creation, coupled with efficient approval workflows. Customize invitations and requests seamlessly, ensuring swift and hassle-free experiences for both administrators and external users.

Access Control & Permissions: Empower external collaborators with seamless access to Teams, Groups, and SharePoints, eliminating complexity in permissions. Strike the perfect balance, promoting collaboration while maintaining robust security measures.

Lifecycle Governance: Effortlessly manage the lifecycle of guest users, ensuring secure access, comprehensive logging, and a simplified, secure process from creation to expiry.

Enable Employee Self-Service

Empower employees: Enhance collaboration among your employees and your external users to unleash the full potential of your Microsoft 365 investment. Extract maximum value from your technology resources.

Maximize Efficieny & compliance: Achieve consistent and efficient M365 resource creation through a template-driven approach, enforcing organization-specific features and capabilities while enhancing responsiveness through secure, decentralized management.

Redefine IT: Automate the mundane tasks, freeing up your IT team to engage in meaningful, high-impact work. Watch as efficiency soars, and your IT professionals become architects of innovation rather than slaves to manual processes.

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User Creation & Onboarding

Simple Request Processing
  • Streamline the external user account management process with a simple request and approval system.
  • Easily initiate and manage requests for guest accounts.

Approval Workflows
  • Implement efficient approval workflows to ensure the right stakeholders review and authorize external user access.
  • Accelerate decision-making through a structured and automated approval process.

Control Access & Permissions

Granular Access Controls
  • Grant external collaborators access to specific Teams, Groups, and SharePoints effortlessly.
  • Ensure precise control over shared resources without cumbersome processes.
Promote Collaboration without Compromising Security
  • Our solution prioritizes collaboration by providing the right level of access to external guests.
  • Uphold security standards while fostering seamless collaboration within your digital workspace.
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Lifecycle Management

Time Limited Access
  • Set expiration dates for guest accounts, ensuring temporary access for external collaborators.
  • Automatic deactivation after a specified period to enhance security.
Effortless Governance and Monitoring
  • Comprehensive logging to record all admin changes made within M365 resources.
  • Maintain a complete record of activities, ensuring accountability and transparency throughout the guest user lifecycle.

Automate the Creation of Entra ID Accounts

Eliminate manual steps and reduce the time it takes to set up guest accounts. Seamlessly integrate with Entra ID for automated account creation.

Personalise and Customise Your Templates

Promote standardized and feature-rich resource creation by tailoring invitation messages and requests to align with your organization's branding.


Choose the deployment that suits your needs with our Guest User Management solution. 

  1. Easy and secure SaaS hosting on a dedicated Azure tenant managed by BCC. 
  2. Private environment such as your data center or private cloud.
  3. Deploy on a virtual machine to ensure compatibility wherever you need it.

Guest User Request & Approval Process



Our Products for Guest User Management

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BCC Affirmatic

Your unified point of access for all Microsoft 365 resources to provide precise Lifecycle Management and Governance, deployable on public or private cloud.

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