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Olaf Boerner

Founder and CEO

Thorsten Wilm

Digital Marketing Manager

Christophe Dehon

Director of Engineering/DevOps

Louis Boerner

Working Student Strategy

At a Glance

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Our Values

At BCC, the customer is at the center of everything we do. We not only offer excellent services, but also attach great importance to long-term relationships, constructive exchange and reliability. These values form the cornerstones of our corporate culture and shape the way we work. They create a productive and attractive working environment that not only meets our own expectations, but also helps to build long-term and successful friendships and partnerships.

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At the heart of our company, trust creates an environment of open communication, mutual respect, and accountability. Our team members rely on one another, fostering a collaborative culture where everyone feels empowered to contribute their best ideas and efforts. This lays the foundation for our success.
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Reliability is a cornerstone of BCC and cultivates an atmosphere of security, confidence and loyalty among our team and towards our customers. This atmosphere makes everyone aligned towards shared goals and underlines our commitment to success.
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Innovation is a substantial part of our DNA. We challenge the status quo and think outside the box to push boundaries. Embracing an innovative mindset sets us apart and is pivotal to inspire and learn from each other.
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If you want to go fast, go alone. If you want to go far, go together. We go together. Our
team is rich of talent and celebrates diverse perspectives, which turns our workspace into an inclusive, innovative, and collaborative hub of excellence. We believe in sustainable collaborative growth – let’s achieve success together.

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Humanity is our top priority and therefore you are our priority. Our success is based on collaboration and the welfare of our employees, so your opinion is particularly important to us and is always valued.
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We firmly believe that we are stronger as a company when every individual is included, valued, and respected. This approach enriches our working environment and fosters cooperation based on mutual respect and tolerance, regardless of ethnicity, origin or belief.

How We Work

At our dynamic workplace, innovation and success are fueled by our fundamental values. Discover a career with us, where every day is shaped by our commitment to a problem-solving mindset, continuous curiosity, and a strong work ethic to enable the success of our customers. These principles are not just policies – they are the driving force behind our daily operations and the foundation of our success.

Join us on this exciting journey where every role is vital, and our commitment to having fun is integral to our spirit. Your career with us is not just a job; it's an opportunity and contribute to a workplace that reflects these exceptional standards. Explore opportunities with us and become a part of a team that values innovation, curiosity, and a customer-centric approach.

Solve Problems

We foster a rich discussion culture to embrace a problem-solving mindset and approach challenges as opportunities to develop novel solutions.  

Resolute Commitment

We demonstrate resilience and determination in achieving both individual and collective goals, dedicated to excellence.

Be Curious

We continuously seek knowledge, explore new ideas, and embrace a mindset that drives innovation and personal growth.

Have Fun

We foster a positive culture to find joy in our tasks, share a light-hearted moment, and cherish relationships while celebrating shared successes.

Flat Hiarchies

We cultivate open communication, encourage collaborative decision-making, and value every team member's voice equally – from intern to CEO.

Customer Oriented

We prioritize the customer - our success is intertwined with theirs and we are committed to long-term relationships based on mutual trust.

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