Teams Management

Our Microsoft Teams management solution helps you reduce cost and complexity while improving security and governance - from managing sprawling Teams to automated content archiving, external user management and ever-changing compliance and governance requirements.

Teams Management, Governance and Compliance Tools

Manage Microsoft Teams users and guests, Teams creation, deletion, archiving and user/resource management from a single interface. Easily create workflows to manage revocation periods, user life cycle, team users and resource permissions. You can even automate the expiration of external users and content and log every action in detail.

And what if we told you that this can even be done through your current helpdesk or end-user self-service portal - all within Microsoft Teams? Don't believe it? Then see for yourself and book an exclusive appointment with one of our consultants. 

Lifecycle Management and Administration for Microsoft 365

Would you like a 360-degree view of all Microsoft 365 resources that have been created, changed or deleted in one place? Simplify management while automating your application management processes for administrators, end users and developers. Learn how we can help you easily manage and standardize every step with detailed audits.

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Our Products for Teams Management

BCC Affirmatic product icon

BCC Affirmatic

Your unified point of access for all Microsoft 365 resources to provide precise Lifecycle Management and Governance, deployable on public or private cloud.

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BCC Copilot Connector product icon

BCC Copilot Connector

Unlock your legacy Domino data with BCC Copilot Connector for Domino.

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