Collaboration Governance

Every day, companies are finding new ways to communicate and collaborate both internally and externally. Our suite of products and services enable your users to work the way they want to without sacrificing security or compliance, no matter where how they choose to collaborate. 

Mail Management, Security, Governance and Compliance for the Digital Workplace 

BCC has created a suite of applications to make mail administration, governance, security, and compliance easier, all through a single pane of glass. With BCC tools you can automate security and group creation in Exchange or Domino. You can manage everything from out of office and email signature standardization and branding to outbound encryption, auto-archiving based on content and tags to make compliance easier. 

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Our Products for Collaboration Governance

BCC ClientGenie product icon

BCC ClientGenie

BCC ClientGenie is a comprehensive and feature-rich HCL Notes client administration solution for administrators needing an efficient process to manage their daily HCL Notes client management tasks. 

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BCC DBTool product icon


BCC DBTool gives you a 360-degree view and management of every Domino database created, changed, or deleted in one place. 

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BCC DominoProtect product icon

BCC DominoProtect

BCC DominoProtect boosts the security of your HCL Domino environment, prevents unauthorized changes in real-time and ensures regulatory compliance.

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BCC MailProtect

BCC MailProtect is a one-stop shop for enterprise to protect your mail communication, enhance email-based communication, meet today’s security and compliance requirements.

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