BCC DBTool provides an easy tool to manage the complete lifecycle of an HCL Notes and Microsoft application. It automates the processes, documents all database attributes, allows audit reports and enforces defined policy settings to assigned databases.

There are several steps required to get a new application from being developed to fully available for productive use. BCC DBTool automates these steps by creating applications with default settings based on global policies and at the end of the lifecycle allows rule based locking or deletion of applications which are no longer required.

BCC DBTool also compiles all available information about applications on different servers in different domains and thus provides detailed reports about the HCL Domino environment. Any changes to the application attributes are facilitated through approval workflows with all operations logged for audit purposes.

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Features of BCC DBTool

Manage and standardize change management

  • Complete management of the database lifecycle 
  • Central, policy-based management of database properties and ACL settings 
  • Workflow approvals
  • Database locking 
  • Create rule-based database locking
  • Reports and manages across multiple servers
  • Reports on applications which are no longer required

Simplified security and audit trails

  • Standardize database policies with global security policies
  • Policy management with detailed audits 
  • Audit proof documentation of access rights 
  • Create rule-based database deletion
  • Scheduled monitoring and enforcement of defined policy settings to assigned databases
  • Request based architecture with approval workflows (two-man rule)
  • Simplified reporting on:
    • Database attributes
    • Enforce defined settings assigned to databases
    • Receive detailed audit reports on all documents and databases

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