The Challenge
The management and analysis of email and application data within HCL Domino environments pose significant challenges. Organizations struggle with oversized and ageing databases that affect system performance and compliance. The inability to effectively analyze and understand this data complicates strategic IT decisions, including crucial migrations and upgrades. Furthermore, the ever-growing demands of GDPR compliance add layers of complexity in managing sensitive information securely without compromising on data utility.

Introducing the Solution: BCC Analyser for Domino
BCC Analyser for Domino is a server extension designed to tackle these challenges head-on by providing comprehensive insights into Domino Applications and Domino Mail data. For Domino Mail, it offers detailed sizing information for each document and complete metadata reports for all attachments. Additionally, it extracts statistical data on the percentage of encrypted mail, enhancing security analysis. For applications, Domino Analyser delves deeper, providing intricate details at the Form and Field level, ensuring thorough data management and optimization.

How Does It Work?
These steps are performed when analysing your Domino environment.

1) Data Collection

  • As a server extension, BCC Analyser automatically scans all documents within Domino Mail files and Applications.
  • It collects comprehensive metadata from each document, which is crucial for detailed analysis.

2) Data Storage

  • The collected data is systematically stored in an SQL database, compatible with both MS SQL and SQLite formats.
  • For each document in the database, the following information is recorded:
    • Form name used.
    • Creation and modification dates.
    • State of "soft delete" indicating whether the document was temporarily removed.
    • Document size in bytes.
    • Encryption status of the document.
    • A unique identifier for each document.

3) Attachment Details

  • Detailed metadata for each attachment in the documents is also collected, including:
    • Parent document ID.
    • Attachment type (e.g., PDF, MP4, DOCX).
    • Attachment size in bytes. 

4) Optional Data Collection

  • If enabled, additional "Names" fields such as sender email, recipient email, and cc addresses are collected in a separate table, providing even more layers of data. 

5) Data Analysis and Reporting

  • Domino formulas can be evaluated for each document, and the outcomes are stored within the database.
  • This data is then ready to be analyzed using SQL reporting tools or visualized through business intelligence platforms like PowerBI.
  • The system supports automated FTP transfer of the database to other servers for centralized management or backup purposes.

 6) Compliance and Security

  • To meet GDPR requirements, BCC Analyser can anonymize sensitive information like database names and recipient details while still retaining crucial sizing and age data for compliance reports.

Using BCC Analyser, all collected data is structured and stored efficiently, making it readily accessible for in-depth analysis and reporting. This streamlined workflow enables organizations to convert raw data from Domino environments into actionable insights, driving better decisions for system optimizations, migrations, and compliance strategies.

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Features of BCC Domino Analyser

Features & Advantages

Versatile Configuration: Available either for Applications or for Mail, ensuring a customized approach to manage your specific data needs. 

SQL Table-Based Metadata Storage: Securely collect and store metadata from Domino documents in SQL tables, providing a robust foundation for detailed data analysis. 

Detailed Sender and Recipient Reporting: Track and report on mail senders and recipients to better understand communication flows and compliance. 

Attachment Type and Impact Visualization: View and analyze the types and impacts of attachments within your database to optimize storage and retrieval processes. 

Accurate Database Sizing & Aging: Obtain precise sizing and age information for both documents and attachments, facilitating efficient database capacity planning. 

Encryption Impact Analysis: Assess the prevalence and impact of encrypted documents, adding a layer of security analysis to your data management.  

GDPR Compliant Reporting: Store database names in a separate SQL table to maintain confidentiality and compliance with GDPR reporting requirements. 

Broad Compatibility: Supports a range of Domino versions from 8.5 up to 14 and is compatible with: 

  • Full MS SQL 
  • MS SQL Express  
  • MySQL 
  • Other SQL variants

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