BCC Charon enables the users to send and receive faxes as easy as emails – directly at their computers. Add-on modules extend the functionality of this fax gateway solution. Using a physical fax board on your Domino server is not necessarily required. BCC Charon can be used in a complete virtual environment, utilizing a virtual fax board, a virtual fax board using T.38 or Softfax. 

System Requirements  

BCC Charon release 4.9.x,  is available for a variety of operating systems and Notes/Domino versions.

Operating Systems

32 bit

64 bit

Windows Server 2016

Windows Server 2012


Windows Server 2008    ✓
Windows 8  ✓  ✓
Windows 10  ✓  ✓
IBM Notes/Domino    
IBM Domino 10.x


IBM Domino 9.0.x


IBM Notes 10.x


IBM Notes 9.0.x



Why Charon? 

  • Popular choice: more than 3.000 satisfied customers, in the market for over 20 years. 
  • Scalability & performance: HCL Domino server task, supports multi-channel and virtual fax boards (XCAPI), Domino as cost effective fax server, no additional gateways needed. 
  • Stable, flexible, modular: simple configuration and management, easy customization using Domino Designer, powerful access management using Domino Directory groups. 
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