What makes ActiveArchive unique and better than other archiving tools?



Simple archiving: The user interface is designed with a "standard browser" approach, which makes archiving effortless. The archives can be customised to the corporate design and the design corresponds to the familiar Notes look & feel. This increases employee acceptance and reduces training costs.

Future-proof reuse: You can transform the archived data into new target systems such as Microsoft SharePoint, SQL databases and low-code applications such as Microsoft Power Apps and Mendix and continue to use it there.



High security: ActiveArchive complies with the existing security requirements and authorisations from the source documents and ensures that access rights from the source files are automatically transferred to the target archives. No new rights are required for additional technical users during the archiving process.



Strong encryption: ActiveArchive ensures compliance with existing security requirements and authorisations as well as secure encryption of documents and file attachments, ensuring confidentiality and security throughout the archiving process. The encryption of the source system is automatically transferred to encrypted PDF documents.



Data protection, data minimisation and effective housekeeping: The software is GDPR-compliant and guarantees data storage for specific purposes and timely data deletion. Retention periods are defined and stored in the target archive, regular checks are carried out with the BCC Active Archive Life Cycle Manager for Archived Applications and Mail Subscription and data is deleted after predefined periods.


What's next?

If you are convinced of the added value of our solution, contact us. We will work with you to create a plan that is tailored to your data assets, and define in detail what data needs to be archived and transformed.

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BCC ActiveArchive

With it’s easy to use browser interface, BCC ActiveArchive for HCL Domino archives any HCL Notes applications and converts them into a browser-compatible format.


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