Featured image: Signatures, Disclaimers, and Out of Office Management Your corporate email represents a large portion of your business communication. While this technology has obviously been a great benefit to your employees' ability to increase productivity, it also needs to be monitored in a number of ways to assure compliance with corporate standards. Some email may need to be encrypted to ensure better security – which we will talk about in another blog post in a bit more detail. However, all messages should have proper signature and disclaimer messages, depending on the department and employee using that particular mailbox.


MailProtect offers a robust way to protect email correspondence and streamline efficiency for those using Domino Messaging. For your company, this offers a centrally managed service to ensure that all email correspondence is covered under spam and virus protection to diminish infections. It also offers a great solution for creating signatures and disclaimers and managing the out of office messaging that your corporation needs. MailProtect monitors all messaging, so that administrators can take action immediately if necessary.


Signature and Disclaimers 

Signatures are an important part of the email correspondence between employees and outside entities. They offer the name, position, and contact information so that contacts can easily respond, streamlining the process and eliminating confusion. Disclaimers may also be necessary for corporate needs and compliance issues. With MailProtect, these aspects of your email signature can be centrally managed.

Some benefits to using MailProtect:

  • Signature Control. Signatures can be set up to contain corporate branding, advertisements, and disclaimers. The email boxes can be set to include the signature ONLY for outgoing email and not for internal communications or uniformly across every message.
  • Timed Advertisements. Banners and other advertisements can be added to the signature. For specific events that have an expiration date, the advertisement can be included but set to expire, so that the banner won't appear on messages after a set time.
  • Disclaimers Can Be Customized. Different departments and users may need disclaimers specific to their position. There also may be a need for separate disclaimers depending on the type of message being sent. All of the needed disclaimers can be easily configured in one central location. Another excellent benefit is that everything is automatically archived. This ensures that your corporation meets compliance regulations..


The Importance of Out of Office Management 

Out of office message management sounds like a simple affair. Traditionally, when employees go on vacation or are otherwise unreachable, they set their email account to send an automated response letting anyone who's messaged know how long they'll be out of office. In many situations, this method of reply works adequately. But MailProtect gives you a number of options to choose from in this scenario.

Your company can configure this one of two ways:

  • The email account user can edit only his/her own personal documents.
  • Assigned right management, which means that users may be assigned rights to view and edit documents - this might be someone from HR. You can use different messages, depending on the recipient. For instance, there might be one out of office message sent for those who work within the same company. A different standard reply would be sent to those who email from outside the company. MailProtect can also be set to determine whether the initial message should be forwarded to another employee, so no important correspondence falls through the cracks.


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