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As the world of international business continues to decrease and resemble more of an extended social network, the need for robust, comprehensive security solutions that are also specialized within a professional network continue to increase. Leading the charge for this new wave of IT is the German based security company Teletrust (sometimes written as "TeleTrusT"), a sprawling competence IT security network.


What is Teletrust?

Teletrust is the largest competence network that specializes in IT security across the continent of Europe. The network includes specialties in research, consultancy, industry and administration, and is comprised of international partners who share the objectives of the core network.


What Does Teletrust Do?

Teletrust provides forums that are specifically geared towards facilitating the exchange of information between users, authorities and vendors. Security experts also use these forums to comment on political, legal and technical issues concerning IT security. The network also organizes conferences and other small events in order to facilitate these conversations between experts.

Teletrust is completely non profit, meaning that it can focus its combined efforts on promoting the general welfare of the security community, raising awareness of issues and assessing best practices in an objective manner. Teletrust runs three IT expert certification programs:

  • The Teletrust Information Security Professional (T.I.S.P.) program
  • The Certified Professional for Secure Software Engineering (CPSSE) program
  • The Teletrust Engineer for System Security (T.E.S.S.) program

It also carries the European Bridge CA (EBCA and PKI trust networks) as well as the quality seal of "IT Security made in Germany."


Why Should I Care about Teletrust?

Teletrust recently provided its "IT Security made in Germany" seal of approval for the solutions from BCC for IBM Notes and Domino platforms. BCC's headquarters are located in Germany, and it also conducts the majority of its security R&D in Germany as well.

The initiative will help to expand the ability of IBM Notes and Domino users to connect with IT professionals in Germany and across Europe to share ideas and create new solutions for IT security in international business.

BCC’s usage of the "IT Security made in Germany" seal of approval ensures that BCC was able to meet criteria such as the creation of IT security packages that are completely free of undeclared back doors.

This also means that users of the IBM Notes and Domino platform can rest assured that they will not only be getting world class solutions from BCC, but also these solutions are compliant with the ideas of robust security thereby increasing the ability to protect companies' investment in data storage and operations.


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