DBTool supports all aspects of Database Management. It automates the processes, documents all database attributes, allows audit reports, and enforces the defined policy settings to assigned databases. 

Why DBTool?

Process oriented database management starting from the creation to the deletion (Database Lifecycle Management)
Central, policy based management of database properties and ACL settings
Audit proof documentation of access rights
Detailed reports of the databases in the entire Lotus Notes environment
Scheduled monitoring and enforcement of defined policy settings to assigned databases
Request based architecture with approval workflows

What does DBTool provide?

Automating of all processes of the database management (creates databases with default settings based on global policies, locks/deletes databases and replicas)
High-performance server task
Monitoring and enforcement of access control list (ACLs) settings and database properties in defined Lotus Notes databases
Flexible changes to database properties for multiple databases across servers via Wildcard Requests
Analysis of all agents within the Lotus Domino infrastructure
Server based (de-)activating of scheduled agents
Automated compression of attachments to ZIP files

Further information
Please contact us for more details, we will be happy to provide you an insight in how it works via an online presentation.

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