Featured image: The Power of IBM Connections Cloud Communities

IBM Connections Communities serve a number of purposes and they are powerful tools for staying connected, making it easier for internal and external communication. You can use Communities from your desktop or mobile device, and stay connected to the people who are important to you. This platform is key for building a network of contacts, following influencers, or sharing information  

Here are a few things you can do with IBM Connections Cloud Communities:


Your community does not have to be limited to individuals within the organization. If you’re an owner of a community on the platform and someone external to the company can add value, you can invite them to join your specific community or add them directly. Once the person is a part of the group, they can receive shared files, edit documents, view business cards from people who share content with you, view activity streams, share files and also join meetings where you have an invite.



You can create a company-wide blog and grant everyone access, create private blogs for your community or one you belong to, and read or contribute to an existing blog. You can also add @mentions to highlight others and bring them into your blog topic related conversations.



With forums you can brainstorm in one place, gathering information from a number of people while collaborating on different projects and topics. You can also use @mentions to speak to someone or reply to them within the context of a conversation. For added convenience, you can paste or drag-and-drop images for discussion points.



Media galleries are one of the highlights of Communities. Your files are all in one place and you can view them at-a-glance from the thumbnail images. There is a gallery widget that showcases those files on the community overview page, which helps others access information that could be helpful to them. These galleries are powerful enough to support office files, photos and video. Once you have found the file you’re looking for, it can be previewed or downloaded. For added convenience, users can upload multiple files at once.



You can use the Community events widget to schedule and keep up with events specific to your community right from the platform for up to 12 months into the future. With this widget, you can flag upcoming meetings and pass the information along to others. Adding events is easy, but you must have author access or be the owner of that community. Users can follow an event, add comments and more.



Communities also supports the ability to conduct surveys within your community. This helps drive content, discussions, and facilitates community members’ ability to provide feedback. Community owners can create the survey and post the results so everyone who participated can see how they added value.

IBM Connections Cloud Communities are very powerful and are effective in getting people engaged to get things done. With so many rich features in one place, it restricts the fluff of a regular networking platform, focusing on ideation, productivity, and solutions.


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