Charon is a modular application, which can be composed to meet your specific needs:

Basic module:
Fax messaging
Office modules: Fax printer, serial fax add-on
PDF converter
Add-on Modules:
SMS – text messaging
Hermes – external file import
Pollux – fax polling

Charon‘s base module controls your incoming and outgoing fax messages. Incoming messages come in as e-mails with a PDF document attached directly into the user‘s mailbox. In order to send a fax, the user just needs to enter a fax number instead of an e-mail address in his message, created with his Lotus Notes client. All fax messages can be customized using pre-defined Lotus Notes forms, covers, headers, footers and special page layouts to fit your company‘s corporate design. You can integrate Charon with existing Lotus Domino address books and other custom Lotus Notes applications and databases.

Charon‘s SMS module enables you to easily send text messages directly from your mailbox or other Lotus Notes applications. It‘s simple, fast and cost-effective. To send a SMS, the text message is entered into the subject line of a new e-mail. This module also allows variety of automated messaging, e.g. to notify someone of an arrival of a fax or e-mail.

Fax printer and serial fax add-on
Charon‘s fax printer enables you to send fax messages directly from desktop applications, such as Microsoft Office, SmartSuite, or OpenOffice. The fax message will be sent via Lotus Notes, and the document is archived after sending as a PDF document. The serial fax add-on extend the Microsoft Word serial letter functionality and allows to send serial letters via fax.

PDF Converter
The PDF Converter enables users to easily convert the content of any e-mail, including attachments, into a PDF document, which will be sent to the user.

Import interface
The Hermes module provides an automatic import feature for ASCII, PDF- and PCL-files and creates Lotus Notes documents. The source files can be created by any application and can be used for mass sending of fax and SMS messages.

Fax polling
The Pollux module provides a fax-on-demand service. The documents are stored in a Lotus Notes database, assigned to a certain phone extension.

The integrated reporting module provides detailed track record for all incoming and outgoing fax messages. You may track the actual charges (Charging module) or implement internal reporting and cost auditing.

Meet your compliance requirements without any additional hassle: All incoming and outgoing fax and SMS messages are automatically archived as PDF documents.

Virtualization of the fax messaging
You no longer require to use a physical fax board at your Domino server for implementing Charon. It can now be used in a complete virtual environment, utilizing a virtual fax board, so called XCAPI. XCAPI is a pure software solution for CAPI 2.0 applications, offering all the performance features of a classic ISDN card independent of the hardware. Scalability and interoperability form the perfect combination to integrate your fax server seamlessly into the world of IP communication.

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