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We've been talking about IBM Connections for a while now. Here's a roundup of our most popular articles and our most useful tips. 


IBM Connections Cloud User Management Made Simple – overview

There is a lot to like about IBM Connections Cloud offerings, but you must keep in mind that there are user management requirements that remain with your company, even in a cloud only solution. And the reality is that IBM Connections Cloud does not easily or automatically integrate with other Identity Access Management (IAM) tools and platforms. This results in a need to either use the IBM provided interfaces with their limitations, or build your own integration to your existing IAM solution, or use a third party application to bridge the gap. That is what we will look at in this article - specifically BCC’s AdminTool for Connections Cloud. Read more...


How to Improve IBM Connections Adoption in your Organization

IBM Connections is in essence a social networking platform for business, designed to improve collaboration and communication. But there are many components available, and the best ROI comes with widespread user adoption. So what are some things that more technical members of your staff can do to increase adoption of IBM Connections within your company or organization? Read more...


Why IBM Connections Should be Your Next Move

IBM Connections is enterprise social software application that serves up a myriad of helpful online corporate social networking tools. It is chock full of cutting-edge features that connect co-workers and business partners to solve problems in a more efficient manner.

Enhanced Flexibility for Company Content

If you're like most office workers, you've grown tired of using shared drives and intranet systems that are anything but dynamic. Connections is exactly what you need to liberate your organization's content. Its creators went to great lengths to refine the software's user experience design for ease of use, regardless of a user's skill level. Tap into the power and you'll enjoy a platform that bolsters your work community in every sense of the word. Read more...


Justifying IBM Connections to your Manager

Every business with any history to it understands the mandate to continually bring new innovation to your market, or you will be passed over by those who are doing so. And we all know innovation comes from new ideas, fresh perspectives, and those "ah-ha" moments when ideas collide like atoms in the Large Hadron Collider, revealing new understandings. Collaboration is the magic ingredient to make this happen, and IBM Connections is the secret sauce that can put it all together for your business. But how does one go about justifying IBM Connections to your management and convince them it is worth the expense? My suggestion is to present it as a profitable investment. Read more...


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