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Why might you move back to HCL Domino?

Is your honeymoon period over with Microsoft and you plan to return to HCL Domino, or do you need a more secure customisable mail solution than Microsoft offers, or have you been attracted back to the latest features in HCL Domino 12? It is not uncommon for Microsoft to provide you favourable rates for 3 or 5 years and then at the end of these significantly increasing your next charges.

Is the decision about Security?

Are you lost in the encryption offers that Microsoft makes, but without the simplicity of out of the box public/private key encryption. One of your reasons for moving back to HCL Domino may be to enhance security and even to comply with GDPR or other legislative privacy laws running HCL Domino either on prem, at your local cloud provider or with the big three provider AWS, Azure or Google

Are the latest features of HCL Domino 12 enticing you?

Is it the ability to now run clientless in HCL Nomad on a web browser? Maybe Microsoft has convinced you to use a browser-only mail solution for your front-line workers with an E1 licence, with the new features in HCL Domino this can also be easily achieved with HCL Verse, enabling you to boost productivity with personalised clutter-free email that knows how your front workers work. HCL Verse provides amazing secure enterprise email for "non fat” browser or mobile devices.

Or is that HCL Domino 12 now supports Kubernetes which gives you the choice to run your mail and collaboration environment in your private cloud and avoids a lock-in to a specific cloud provider.

Or is it simply that the rest of your business relies on HCL Domino databases so why invest in another mail tool when you have all you need in HCL Domino. Or maybe it's the features that allow

HCL Domino to run in your private cloud. As Richard Jefts puts it, the “World (is Still) powered by HCL Domino1”

Merger or Acquisition

Perhaps you are a HCLDomino shop and your company has just acquired another company running Exchange. Of course, you would want to share all the benefits of running HCL Domino rapidly with all employees, but you have the hurdle of migrating the exchange users from an environment that is foreign to you.

Why else might you want to return to HCL Domino?

If you have been using Exchange for a while, you have probably realised that one calendar system is not the same as another. You are not able to create a repeating appointment missing some dates or with some differing times in Exchange. You possibly miss the abilities that HCL Domino calendar offers.

Customisable mail files may also be your thing, you will welcome the ability to design your own customisation within the mail file, to make it easier to process email “your way” with HCL Domino.

Maybe your users are remote from the main office with typically poor and unreliable connectivity. With HCL Domino in built replication, mail will still trickle through to all users as data allows – no high speed browser access is required.

The migration solution

If you have made the decision to go back to HCL Domino, or to bring in corporate data from Exchange back to HCL Domino and are looking for a solution, you need look no further.

What you need is a migration that is equally as secure and flexible as HCL Domino itself ! and offers fast migration with the highest fidelity of mail, calendar, task and contact entries. You need a tool that is already certified for HCL Domino 12. A solution which is fully GDPR compliant and requires no human access to the mail on either source or destination. Some other migration solutions require farms of client devices to read your mail and calendar from Microsoft Exchange or Microsoft/365 and write this to the new HCL Domino mail files. Our solution is different. Running on the HCL Domino server itself, no other hardware is required. It is the only migration solution that runs on a HCL Domino 12 server as a Server Add-In task. Our tool provides easy to read detailed error reporting in one place on HCL Domino. This aides in easily understanding and resolving issues that can occur with migrating some data issues from Exchange. BCC MailMigrationEngine does not store on disk copies of the mail during migration, it is all held in volatile memory, and cleared once written to the target. This helps us comply with privacy laws in most countries.

You can either buy a subscription to the licence to run MailMigrationEngine on your own HCL Domino Server which is complemented with Professional Services from BCC to Project Manage and operate the migration for you, or you can choose BCC Migration as a Service solution where BCC migrate all of the data for you from your Office tenant to your HCL Domino server for a fixed fee based on mailbox count.

What else can BCC help me with?

If you are looking for a solution to complement your decision to move back to HCL Domino, or need some help in making a migration project work, contact BCC as your trusted migration partner.

BCC Administration Software can help you to operate HCL Domino in a secure and cost efficient way. We help you to reduce the cost of ownership and the technical complexity of operations with automatic administration of user, groups mailboxes and applications.

BCC Managed Services for HCL Domino is the perfect way to outsource HCL Domino Administration. BCC Managed Services are based on BCC Standard Administration Software and more than 20 years of HCL Domino Administration - Contact us for more details by sending an email to MigrateToDomino@bcchub.com 

BCC MailMigrationEngine to HCL Domino is the tool you need to make this project a success.


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