Featured image: ClientGenie 6 Now Available – Client Management Solution

We are pleased to announce the availability of ClientGenie 6 – a completely redesigned version of our client management solution for IBM Notes.

Significant improvements have been made to the performance of ClientGenie including the start time of the IBM Notes client (as compared to the previous version). This was achieved by optimizing the program sequence and switching to multithreading.

This allows for the inventory of the client data to be gathered in the background, while the user can continue working in the IBM Notes client.

In addition, ClientGenie 6 provides the comprehensive management of the Eclipse-based IBM Notes client.

This allows central control of Eclipse parameters and settings such as the Sidebar Panels, Masthead shortcuts and Search List Items.

ClientGenie 6 can also be used to control installation of plug-ins, such as those for IBM Connections or SmartCloud Meetings.

Other notable enhancements include:

  • Sametime Community Management

    The Sametime community management allows for the central administration (change, add and delete) of Sametime communities.

  • Complete revision and expansion of the inventory module

    The Inventory is now implemented as an action and offers extensive possibilities for evaluating the hardware, the operating system and, of course, the entire IBM Notes client.

  • Configuration simplification

    The configuration is much more streamlined when combining application cases. The hierarchical structuring of the configuration elements is no longer required.

  • Advanced Help

    The integration of help text in all configurations and options saves you from looking up the manual. Furthermore, the actions and rules for the control of the execution of ClientGenie actions and task has been extended for more granular control.

  • Advanced logging

    The redesigned logging now allows for even better traceability of the ClientGenie activities, simplifying the support of the users and the general analysis of problems with the IBM Notes client.

If you’re interested in learning more about ClientGenie or getting a demo, call +44 20 32909224 or contact us here.



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