Featured image: Why are companies still using IBM Notes and Domino Solutions?

IBM Notes and Domino may seem like an antiquated system to some people, but there are still quite a few companies out there who are using it and find the applications built on Notes and Domino to be worthwhile. We'll look at why it's chosen by businesses around the world, and how IBM Notes and Domino solutions function today. 


The Email of Yesteryear?

If you really know IBM Notes, you know that it's really robust platform offering a variety of business tools for communication and organization, but most people only seem to remember that it’s an email system. In addition to email, Notes also provides a calendar, cache of data, address book and server access without having to open up separate functions like Outlook or Access. The original intention of Notes and Domino was to make workflow more efficient. 


So Why Use It?

Companies find systems that are installed and running without issue to be invaluable. The cost, time, and effort it would take to modify these systems, much less replace entire platforms is not worth the benefit or perceived value of doing so – it would cost companies millions in IT budget spend. And for those companies who are willing to make the investment, they may come across other issues like employee training, inoperability between systems, and more.


Versatility and Flexibility of IBM Notes and Domino

IBM Notes and Domino solutions give employees ways to communicate with each other on forums so new hires or people who need refreshers have resources to turn to for common questions. It provides a ticketing system, so tasks can get done on time without falling through the cracks. Managers can approve expenses without having to get constant emails, and important documents can be saved in easy-to-find locations. Clients can access portals that draw in a number of different sources for better communication between company and customer. Yes, there are a number of other technologies available to do these things, and new companies constantly emerging who claim they can do it better. However, if a company has developed a way to maximize their potential already, then they lose out on all that work if they abandon ship without needing to. 



There are plenty of ways to customize what companies need from IBM Notes and Domino solutions. You can change your security strategy when hackers come out with new tricks. BCC offers DominoProtect, which can both prevent and track unauthorized changes within a company. Automate your processes as much as possible with our AdminTool to preserve your budget, or use ClientGenie as an add-on to IBM Notes that can analyze the information coming from your customer base, so you can both serve them and understand their behavior more. This helps you see where you are today, and gives you the insight you need to make crucial decisions for tomorrow. Companies can stay up to date on new compliance rules while having full control over what happens within the system. You make the decisions here, and BCC gives you the advice and tools needed to make the ones that serve the needs of your company best. The beauty of the software is that it can be updated and manipulated to fit your needs. 



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