MailProtect is designed to monitor e-mail traffic within IBM Lotus Domino environments, and to enable administrators to control and take actions if required. It provides a real-time check based on so called “Mail Conditions”, which interpret one or more configured rules. Depending on the result of this check the mail will be delivered or a “Mail-Service” activates specific actions.

Rule and Policy Based Email Management

The mail management service uses an extensive collection of predefined rules for e-mail management such as internal/external recipients, domains, virus check results and much more. Additionally, individual rules can be created using Lotus @formula language. The rule base also provides certain system information as variables.

Anti Virus

This service provides a virus check using multiple scan engines. In addition to the included ClamAV engine, BCC optionally provides an integrated OEM anti-virus solution form AVIRA Germany.
Also further scan engines by McAfee, Symantec and Sophos are supported natively. Also any command-line scanners can be used. The scan options are easily configured in the service documents.

Why virus protection with MailProtect?

  • Cost-effective virus protection using the integrated open source virus scanner Clam AntiVirus or Avira AV module
  • Multi level virus protection through integration of other Anti-Virus solutions
  • Scheduled virus scan of existing Notes data bases
  • Virus check even applied to encrypted e-mails
  • Active Virus Outbreak Management

Anti Spam

MailProtect uses the leading anti-spam technology of ISS and word lists to provide effective anti-spam services. Users can review blocked emails in the web-enabled quarantine database. At regular intervals, an integrated reporting service delivers Spam-reports with a list of the blocked mails. Personal and public black and white lists are easily maintained.

Why Spam-protection with MailProtect?

  • Reliable detection of Spam without time-consuming configuration and ongoing manual adjustments
  • Personal black lists and white lists for individual control
  • Minimal administration efforts due to the user self-service
  • Highly flexible, because the users can process individual adjustments

Signature & Disclaimer Management

Central Absence Management

This service provides a rule and time based redirection of e-mails to other recipients as well as the automated generating of specific response e-mails like absence information or notice of receipt. Response mails can be configured specifically to the requirements of each department.

Why absence management with MailProtect?

Realtime Out of Office Management incl. delegation and forwarding
Time saving through Auto Reply Feature for automated answering of incoming mails

Attachment Management – Filtering and Compression

This service automatically compresses file attachments and filters out file attachments that are not allowed. These actions can be configured with parameters such as file size, file format, or number of recipients. For file format identification file extension as well as the included file signatures can be used. The automated compression service packs and unpacks using the ZIP format.

Why Attachment Management with MailProtect?

  • Storage space cost saving due to the file size limitation and compression
  • Avoid not business related file types (games, pictures, fun presentations)
  • high efficiency due to identification of file formats via file signatures
  • Fully automated (un-)packing of files on the basis of definable rules (format compatible to Zip)

Compliance and Archiving

MailProtect allows you to satisfy a strict compliance audit with automated archiving and categorization of all e-mail traffic. It allows archiving to Lotus Notes databases or delivery of content to third-party-archiving systems like Centera, IBM Tivoli Common Store.

Why Compliance with MailProtect?

  • Implementation, documentation and monitoring of a e-mail policy
  • Central, rule-based archiving
  • Flexible integration with existing archiving systems
  • Audit-proof documentation of configuration changes


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