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We publish a lot of great articles, so it can be hard to read them all. If you’re a Domino Admin, here are the ones you might have missed that others have been sharing and talking about.

The 5 Best Domino Admin Blogs You Should be Following

Support in the Domino community comes in many different shapes. The following list is a group of five blogs with impeccable information, each with a unique blogging style. Find your muse in the voice that you prefer.



The Importance of Teletrust for legal compliance for IBM Domino

As the world of international business continues to decrease and resemble more of an extended social network, the need for robust, comprehensive security solutions that are also specialized within a professional network continue to increase. Leading the charge for this new wave of IT is the German based security company Teletrust (sometimes written as "TeleTrusT"), a sprawling competence IT security network.



How to Lock Down Access to your IBM Domino Servers?

Knowing how to lock down access to your IBM Domino server is of vital importance. In the event of unauthorised access to the server, a breach of confidentiality is more likely and can lead to data theft. Legal battles and hefty fines can be extremely detrimental to the company. Use the following steps to ensure the lockdown of your IBM Domino servers.



The Importance of Your IBM Domino Server ID Password

Most people are aware of what a Domino server does - it holds all of the databases and therefore access to pretty much everything. And each server has a server ID. Protecting a server ID with a password works in much the same way that protecting a computer or account with an ID works. In this case, the server ID password is individual to the server itself, rather than the user, but access to that password is limited to a finite number of people with administrator authority.




A Day in the Life of a Domino Administrator

Anyone who works in the technology industry can attest to the fact that any given day in the life of an administrator is unlikely to be mundane. Administrators often have set agendas for their schedule but they don't often get the luxury of attacking their main objectives without interruption.

For example, the set goal for an administrator during the course of the business day might be to evaluate the progress of a new implementation. This might include A/B testing, going over data, and troubleshooting known issues. And these are often the very activities that drew an administrator to the technology field - endeavors that allow them to test their creativity and think through issues to find a solution.




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