Featured image: Have you been reluctant to leave HCL Domino due to concerns around mail encryption?

In today's digital age, the security of sensitive information exchanged via email has become paramount for businesses and individuals alike. Organisations using HCL Domino do not need to worry about this. HCL Domino has long offered robust encryption options to protect confidential communications. But how can companies ensure that this high level is maintained when migrating data to Microsoft 365?

Advanced encryption in HCL Domino
Since its inception with Lotus Notes v1, the encryption feature in Domino has been a cornerstone of its security architecture. By employing private and public key encryption, Domino ensures that emails are shielded from unauthorized access, even in the event of a security breach. This level of protection has instilled confidence in users, knowing that their sensitive information remains inaccessible to prying eyes.

These security features are the reason why HCL Domino has long been a trusted platform for many organisations. 

Migrate safely, but how?
Concerns about the migration from Domino often centred on the perceived loss of this encryption capability and the potential compromise of emails by mail administrators.

Nevertheless, as businesses explore alternative solutions such as Microsoft 365, apprehensions arise regarding the seamless transition of encrypted emails. Fortunately, Microsoft offers a comparable feature known as Sensitivity Labelling, which empowers users to designate the sensitivity level of their emails, documents, and other resources. Through predefined policies, these sensitivity labels dictate how the content can be shared, printed, copied, and emailed, thereby ensuring data confidentiality akin to Domino's encryption mechanism.

How MigrationEngine Can Help
Despite the reassuring prospect of Sensitivity Labelling in Microsoft 365, the challenge remains in securely migrating encrypted emails from Domino to the new platform. Enter BCC MigrationEngine for Mail, a comprehensive solution designed to facilitate the seamless transfer of encrypted email and calendars to Microsoft 365. What sets this migration tool apart is its ability to preserve the integrity and confidentiality of encrypted emails throughout the transition process. With no access required for migration operational staff, the encrypted emails remain exclusively accessible to the intended recipients and senders, ensuring utmost privacy and security.

For organizations contemplating the migration of encrypted emails and calendars to Microsoft 365 while preserving data integrity, the integration of BCC MigrationEngine and Sensitivity Labelling presents a compelling solution.

Unique Benefits of BCC MigrationEngine for Mail

Encryption Unleashed: MigrationEngine stands alone as the only solution offering automated processing of encrypted emails. Your data stays secure, no matter the complexity.

Tailor-Made Excellence: Customize MigrationEngine to meet the most complex customer requirements without compromising on advantages. A smooth migration is guaranteed, regardless of the intricacies involved.

Insightful Reporting: Dive into detailed logging and reporting of migration events with statistics and reports that are easy to understand. Optional Power BI based reporting takes your insights to the next level.

BCC Workflow Mastery: Wrap the migration process with pre and post jobs using MigrationEngine's BCC Workflow Engine. Execute tasks like PowerShell scripts, batch files, or other migration tasks seamlessly, automating elements beyond the migration itself.

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