Featured image: Copilot Connector for Domino: BCC Mission is to integrate and embrace HCL Domino with Microsoft 365

With this objective in mind we have unveiled its latest offering, the BCC Copilot Connector for Domino, to audiences in German-speaking nations for the very first time!

In our demo at DACHNUG51, we showed live on stage how you can ask Microsoft 365 Copilot natural language questions about the content of your HCL Domino Apps.

For the first time you can now use natural language to effortlessly query your Domino data and consider the content of MS Office documents or Teams chats. This makes it easier for you to interact with and extract meaningful insights from your business data, optimizing overall accessibility and user experience.

HCL Domino is known for its robust security. The security of your HCL Domino data is our top priority. The BCC Copilot Connector is fully integrated with the the rock-solid Domino security.

BCC Copilot Connector for Domino is installed on your existent HCL Domino Server. It creates an index of your on prem Domino data for Microsoft 365 Copilot which is used for Copilot queries while maintaining the Domino access rights.

In this way, we ensure that data protection is fully preserved. Your mission critical data remains in your secure on prem Domino Apps. Microsoft Copilot never has access to your Domino data.

The BCC Copilot Connector is the only tool on the market that seamlessly, simply, and securely integrates your Domino data into Microsoft 365 Copilot search. This allows you to harness the full power of Microsoft Copilot AI while continuing to rely on your trusted Domino applications.

Find out all details on our product page.

Would you like to learn more? We would be happy to show you the PoC in a personal meeting:

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