Processes and workflows
AdminTool gives you a process-oriented environment for managing Notes / Domino users, groups and mail-in databases. The entire process is supported, beginning with a new user request, group allocation, setup of database access, over change requests, workflows and approvals, up to the distribution / roll-out of users’ IDs, passwords, and initial Notes Client roll-out. AdminTool provides request based processes, customizable approval workflows, configurable and automated request verification before processing as well as sophisticated monitoring, logging and error handling. Customizable parameters, extended configuration and integration options will help you setup your individual processes. AdminTool also allows multi-domain management with a single installation.

Domino User Lifecycle
AdminTool facilitates all processes related to the different steps of user lifecycle. This includes new user creation (importing from external systems is supported), name or certifier changes (move in hierarchy), ID renewal, relocation of home server, lock / unlock, deletion, archiving, password recovery. Terminating or suspending users no longer generate urgent tasks, which tie up costly technical administration resources. With AdminTool, these requests can be processed automatically, temporarily and also can be undone.

Management of groups and mail-in databases
AdminTool provides a central point of administration to manage groups and mail-in databases actions such as creating, renaming, deleting, and modifying attributes. Advanced features such as delegation function, request forms and approval workflows ease the work of administrators even more. Time control functions are included to support temporarily available groups.

Integration with external systems
The highest possible automation of user management processes can be reached through integration with the existing corporate identity management environment. AdminTool can connect your Notes / Domino user management to

  • HR systems (SAP R/3, SAP HR, RACF);
  • LDAP (MS Active Directory, MetaDir);
  • Identity and Access Management (IAM) Systems (IBM Tivoli Identity Manager, Siemens Metadirectory, Novell e-directory, SUN Identity Management);
  • or existing Lotus Notes databases.

Supporting infrastructure projects
AdminTool can be used to help organizations supporting infrastructure projects like server consolidation as well as those in the wake of business transformation, like mergers or structural and name changes. It provides high-security, high-speed, and low-cost mass changes in your Lotus Domino environment.

Distributed responsibility
AdminTool allows organizations to separate user management responsibilities and relieve technical personnel from processing of routine tasks. It provides easy delegation of single steps to the end users (self service) or central help desks via web interface, without need for technical skills or administration rights within the Domino Directory. Separating business administration from system administration also improves the adherence to ID management standards and password policies, as no single person owns control over sensitive personal data (ID file and password).

Safekeeping of Domino Security Objects
With AdminTool there is no need to access Certifier ID’s for administration tasks. During initial setup these files will be imported and encrypted. This prevents fraudulent use as the IDs are protected on a sustained basis. Physical access is no longer required, also any usage is tracked and only possible via AdminTool interface. Likewise, the user IDs & passwords generated by AdminTool are stored separately and encrypted according your parameter choices. The access to this sensitive data is restricted by authorizing different persons for different tasks. Limiting the access to the Domino Directory to reader access level strengthens your system security.

Complete documentation and auditing
AdminTool is equipped with a robust logging component, so organizations can easily meet regulatory demands of regulators. It provides a detailed recording of all user and group management actions as well as any changes to the product configuration.

Advanced monitoring and management
AdminTool provides additional administration features, e.g. event-based monitoring of the AdminP process, EventEngine for user defined actions during the request processing, and “clean up” functions for the Domino Administration Database (Admin4.nsf). Also BlackBerry users and devices can be managed with the AdminTool, so the administrators can work in their familiar Domino environment.

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