Featured image: What you need to know about BCC’s new email migration offerings When it comes to migrating your company’s email to a new platform, it’s important to keep in mind the critical requirements of a service provider – confidentiality, simplicity, and agility.  

After over 20 years of experience in the Notes/Domino space, BCC broadens the scope of these characteristics to service customers looking for email migration offerings on any platform including Exchange, Domino, Office 365, and GMAIL to come  



Typically an email migration project is a heavily manual process with a person opening and moving individual mail messages. In order to do this user ID’s are created for people who are doing the migration and those people gain access to your messages. This is a high-risk situation for any company because a generally unknown entity has access and control of your corporate mail accounts and messages.  

In a much better scenario, BCC offers an automated process using our Mail Migration Engine to move messages from one platform to another, with no access given to individuals who may present risks. Additionally, none of the messages are stored as the MME is only a pass through to get messages to their final destination platform. The automation of the mail migration process makes it confidential and secure, which is a top priority for all companies.  



The manual process of mail migrations present complexities that can otherwise be avoided. BCC’s server based task makes for a closed loop system that can be run 24/7 to get the data moved as simply as possible. 

BCC’s methods for moving encrypted mail and calendar entries are simple and straightforward. By using our Migration Engine we avoid the creation of a migration farm. The Migration Engine acts as a pass through for information and the data is simply moved from one platform to another. This process is available for both on premise as well as cloud migrations. And both are engineered equally simply. 



The automation of mail migration not only means saving time because the migration can run 24/7, but also because of the straightforward architecture of the process, set up, and execution is quick.  

Using BCC’s Mail Migration Engine can mean that a 9 week project could be reduced by 1-3 weeks over a more manual or alternative system.  

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