Featured image: Top 8 reasons to use BCC's engine for your email migration

Recently we announced a new Mail Migration solutions using BCC’s Mail Migration Engine. Sure, people have been migrating mail for years, so why should you work with BCC to conduct your next email migration? Here are all the reasons we came up with… 

  1. Top notch team. You get to work with our extremeley experienced BCC Services team! 
  2. Confidential. No humans will see or touch your data. 
  3. Options. Cloud migration or on-premise/local migration. 
  4. No farming. We don’t set up a migration farms - your data only passes through the Mail Migration Engine in memory.  
  5. Automation. Since the migration is automated it can run 24/7, which speeds up the time to complete. 
  6. Simplicity. Our methods for moving encrypted mail and calendar entries are simple and straightforward. 
  7. Compliance. GDRP compliant because we’re not storing your data and we don’t need global access.  
  8. It’s worth a second mention that you get to work with our fantastic services teams! 


If you care about security, compliance, and speed when it comes to the information stored on your company’s mail servers, then BCC’s Mail Migration Solution is for you! Get in touch today to learn more about our process and how to get started.


Are you considering migrating your mail? 

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