Featured image: Email Migration Security Advantages using BCC’s Mail Migration Engine There are many advantages to moving from a manual to automated process. Typically, you’ll see improvements in performance or time savings and sometimes both. By using BCC’s Mail Migration Engine to automate your email migration project, you also get security. Email migration security is a major concern for all companies and especially those who manage or communicate about highly confidential information, such as a customer personal information or sensitive corporate data.  



While most migrations can require a person to manually move emails from one system to another, BCC’s Mail Migration Engine performs the entire migration automatically, so no individual sees company information – confidential or otherwise.

The process being no-touch also means there is less room for human error. 


No New User ID's

If a mail migration is being done by others, it will require adding a new user ID for those people managing the migration. This creates a security holes in the messaging infrastructure and also risks being non-compliant with GDPR regulation.

BCC’s Mail Migration Engine does not require creating any new user IDs for the purpose of migrating the mail data.


Storing Mail Data 

Direct execution on the IBM Domino server does not require extensive migration workstations (migration farms). This means we never store mail data in the Mail Migration Engine, emails only ever pass through it — whether migration is being done on premises or in the cloud. 

When it comes to corporate emails we know that you have sensitive and confidential information you want to keep secure. When migrating email systems, security concerns are at the forefront, and BCC’s Mail Migration Engine is the answer that offers you time and cost savings as well as peace of mind that your data is secure.

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