E-mail encryption without certificates quick, simple and affordable with Instant Encryption

Today, users expect to communicate via e-mail in a safe and uncomplicated way. The requirements may differ, for example, the human resources need to protect sensitive data in their e-mails or the directors need to have the attachments encrypted. Practically, it means that the deployment of a secure messaging infrastructure might result in high costs for the administrators or too much effort for the users or e-mail recipients.

The classic ways of S/MIME or PGP are expensive and complicated to implement in a running productive environment. Web based solutions are very often complicated to handle or have lots of limitations regarding the features e.g. when the https protocol is deactivated for security reasons. Locally installed solutions often need a high degree of maintenance; possible misusage and complicated handling might cause problems for the users.

The Instant Encryption Technology (powered by MailProtect) is designed to satisfy both the users and the administrators by complying with data protection needs, ensuring a confidential
communication and providing protection against manipulation:

  • No implementation of a Public–Key-Infrastructure (PKI)
  • No software installation on the client side
  • No training for the users, no helpdesk requests
  • No on-going administration efforts
  • No hosting provider or other third party tools

How does Instant Encryption work?

The new generation of the password based encryption solution uses PDF or ZIP format. Generally, the e-mail content and all attachments of outgoing e-mails are converted on the server and will be sent as encrypted, password protected PDF files with embedded attachments. The administrator can predefine how the encryption is to be used, flexible to the specific needs. For example, all e-mails sent by the human resources, or e-mails with attachments or e-mails with a specific keyword in the subject will be encrypted automatically. Additionally, 256 bit encrypted ZIP Archives, long term archiving format PDF/A and Windows Compressed Folders DES 40 bit Encryption are available.

The password required to open the encrypted e-mail will be generated automatically and distributed to the user separately e.g. via e-mail as inline image, via sms or fax. The password can also be delivered to the sender of the e-mail in case he wants to distribute it to the recipient via telephone. A long term password, valid for every e-mail sent, can be generated for each user. For a higher security, a different password for each e-mail can be generated as well. The password management configured by the administrator is highly automated. In case a user has forgotten the password, it can be re-generated by just clicking on a link embedded in the e-mail and the password will be sent automatically from the server to this user.


Online or offline, on the smartphone and iPad (note)

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