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While IBM Connections Cloud is a very robust platform for social collaboration and communication, it may not be a complete stand-alone solution in all cases. But fear not, IBM has provided an API interface to enable integration with other products and services which enables you to interface with your existing embedded or mission critical software, creating the best of both worlds.

Let's take a closer look at one example, and see how using another product can be useful to integrate with, automate, and actually improve upon, a specific aspect of IBM Connections Cloud - user management.

BCC provides a proven solution for managing user access in IBM Notes and Domino environment - AdminTool.


AdminTool provides a highly automated, robust, and secure platform for easily managing the entire ID life cycle for Users, Groups, and Mail-in databases, and is a complete solution with logging, separation of controls, and integrates with external LDAP systems.


IBM Connections Cloud, by contrast, requires user administration directly within the platform, does not natively integrate with external LDAP systems, and does not in all cases provide sufficient details to satisfy specific audit requirements.


Great news, AdminTool has been tested for ease of integration and has passed IBM’s criteria to be validated as Ready for Social Business. So AdminTool is ready to provide end-to-end integration and value. A further benefit is if you are already using AdminTool, there is no learning curve for your helpdesk or ID Administration staff. And if not, it's yet another reason to consider it! So what is the value of using AdminTool with IBM Connections Cloud? Here is a partial list of benefits.

  • Maintain strict compliance requirements including "two-man" rule, separation of duties, and other requirements to ensure appropriate authorization and administration controls are met.
  • Logging and traceability to provide evidence of compliance and Service Level Agreement attainment.
  • Integrated synchronization of user information with other LDAP directories and services, such as Microsoft Active Directory and Cisco WebEx.
  • Ability to configure a blend of distributed and self-service ID administration minimizing workload on the technical staff while maintaining security and integrity.
  • Automation, integration, and standardization all work together to reduce ID Administration complexity and costs.


To learn more, check out our webinar on AdminTool for IBM Connections Cloud.


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