Featured image: Enhanced security for Microsoft 365 guest access: BCC Affirmatic simplifies guest user management

Microsoft 365 enables external users to gain access to teams, documents and apps via guest access. This way, customers and partners can also be invited to Teams meetings without a Microsoft account. However, guest accounts must be administered manually. Guest user management is much simpler and more secure when using an appropriate administration tool.

Guest access: Simple, but a lot of administration work
With Guest User Management, Microsoft 365 offers a simple way to grant external people access to teams, documents, resources, chats and applications. The basic functions are simple, so you can quickly invite guests and securely manage their accounts in the Microsoft 365 tenant.

But beyond the basic functions, guest user administration is complex and requires a lot of manual effort from IT. This starts with an overview of the guest accounts, but also includes security aspects such as access rights for external users.

Monitoring authorisations and compliance
Regardless of whether you want to query the number of users or check the correct allocation of authorisations, you need to invest time and the corresponding expertise. The same applies to scenarios such as integration into internal authorisation procedures, prevention of compliance violations and general control over company data.


The BCC Affirmatic tool addresses the problems of manual lifecycle management of guest accounts with the help of an automated solution.

These are the key features of BCC Affirmatic

Guest user management via self-service:
Employee Self-Service simplifies the onboarding of external users with a standardised request and approval system. This includes self-service requests and the automated creation of an Entra ID (AzureAD) for each guest account. You can seamlessly adapt invitations and requests to internal specifications, which optimises the user experience for both administrators and external users.

Manage guest access with access rights and control via dashboard:
External users are given clearly defined access to teams, groups and SharePoint. You define unique owners and select the number of owners per guest user. You manage access via a dashboard and retain control over shared resources.

Automation of the guest account lifecycle:
When managing the lifecycle of external users, you set expiry deadlines that are automatically adhered to, extended, shortened or removed. Further automation includes deactivation after a specified period of time as well as reminders to check guest users. This increases security and simplifies processes over the life cycle of accounts.

Standardisation of administration with templates:
By using templates, you simplify administration processes and ensure that each new resource is created consistently with the required functions and capabilities and that all data and processes always remain in the system.

Private cloud or Azure hosting:
BCC Affirmatic offers flexible deployment options. You can choose between a BCC-managed SaaS hosting solution on Azure. Or you can make the solution available internally via your data centre or private cloud.

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