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Encryption Gateway

MailProtect decrypts incoming e-mails on the server and then forwards them to the internal recipient. Users can simply opt to encrypt outgoing e-mails. Additionally, the central condition rules can be set up to control encryption settings such as mandatory encryption if specified content is in the e-mail or the e-mail is addressed to a particular domain. This encryption process fully supports virus checking and archiving processes.

Certificate Management

This service extracts certificates from incoming e-mails or accesses them via LDAP, which eliminates the need for time-consuming manual exchange of certificates. The required private and public certificates are centrally managed in protected Lotus Notes databases. Existing PKI environments or trust centers can easily be integrated via MailProtect’s request-based certificate management process.

Signature Check

The signature check follows the configurable trust rules to fulfill the legal requirements by checking the complete chain of certificates and using the Certificate Revocation Lists (CRLs). The results of the signature check are inserted in the e-mail with a time stamp.

Why Encryption and Digital Signature with MailProtect?

  • Increased security due to the automated encryption of e-mails
  • High flexibility as it supports S/MIME, PGP and GnuPG
  • Compliance with corporate rules through centralized configuration
  • Flexible and automated management of certificates
  • Centrally managed signature check with configurable user notification

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