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Origin of the Yellow Bubble

Over the years, Lotus Notes and Domino has attracted a fierce community of users, fans, and admirers who refer to themselves as the Yellow Bleeders. So it isn't surprising that since the inception of Notes and Domino, a massive, dedicated, and tech-savvy community of fans and users has grown around it.

Its been noted that this ground breaking and industry changing software divided people into two camps, the Yellow Bleeders, who love Notes and Domino, and the rabble, who have yet to come around to accept the power of Notes and Domino. The Bleeders have formed a community known as the Yellow Bubble. This is a network of professionals and other users of the software who are all interconnected via their beloved application. As for the other camp... well this isnt about them now, is it?

Like the Linux community, the Yellow Bubble is made up of users of an especially unique brand of software by their mutual knowledge, their proficiency in working out its bugs and helping others do the same, as well as the shared quality of being in love with the software. Unlike the Linux community, however, the Yellow Bubble and its devotees are interconnected by the very application that brings them together. So, not only does this community have a plethora of forums where everyone is ready to help everyone else, but also denizens of the Yellow Bubble are, by the very nature of Notes and Domino,more or less in direct contact with one another.

The communications and collaboration focus of the software directly promotes community building. In the same way that Linux communities have advanced users eager to offer help, advice, and bits of code here and there, the Yellow Bubble has good-natured nerds who enjoy lending a hand to their fellow Yellow Bleeders. The difference is the Bubble puts Bleeders into direct communication with one another in an environment that is optimized for sharing information. That means they learn faster and more easily gain a level of proficiency so as to be able to lend a hand to newcomers.

It's like unlimited free IT support with a sense of belonging on top of it.

Big Names in the Bubble

There are quite a few leaders in the community, heavy hitters who have put together special groups and resources for yellow bleeders and specialized interests within the bubble. Here a few, and the resources they curate.

  • Matt White: mattwhite.me – Matt White is a freelance consultant and specialist developer of large web applications.
  • Chris Toohey: The NEPA Yellow Bleeders Community – Created by Chris Toohey, A developer and webmaster for dominoGuru.com, Toohey specializes in platform app development, solution-integration, and best practices.
  • Karl-Henry Martinsson : TexasSwede –“Proudly bleeding yellow” for over 16 years experience in developing for Lotus, Karl-Henry Martinsson offers this comprehensive blog and website dedicated to the Lotus/Domino community.
  • Christian Tillmanns: The Blue and Yellow Ant – A German based author and developer for IBM, IBM Verse, Lotus Foundations, Lotus Notes. His site is one of the most up to date and comprehensive resources available on the web.

If the Yellow Bubble sounds appealing to you, there's always room for one more. All you need is a copy of Lotus Notes or Domino, and a willingness to learn and teach others.


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