Featured image: DominoProtect Server ID Protection

Automated server restarts with password protection for server ID

The dangerous practice of using no password protection for server ID in order to make the server reboot easier is hard to argue to an audit team. DominoProtect protects Server IDs with passwords and allows unattended reboots. A highly secure random password is created for the server ID. Existing passwords can be imported during the set up as well. If the server needs to be rebooted, DominoProtect provides the password automatically, and no manual action is required. If you are using ID vault, IBM strongly recommends password protection for server ID files:

„We understand that most Domino servers are not password-protected to make unattended reboots simpler, but the vault server’s ID file is a key element in the security of your ID vault. A sophisticated attacker with a vault database and one of the corresponding server Ids … would have all of the cryptographic information needed to masquerade as the vault server and decrypt all of the ID files stored in the vault.“


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