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AdminTool offers an automated way to manage people and users. If your company uses Notes or Domino, the standard way of doing things was to have an Administrator add, delete, and otherwise manage users and groups. It would be up to an individual person to accomplish tasks, like giving users access, changing user names, and removing members so that they can no longer gain access once they've stopped working with the project or company.

The process of adding people to specific groups and databases, or editing their accounts, isn't exceptionally difficult. But it is time-consuming. The system is set up this way to protect the information and to maintain secure logs for regulatory and security purposes. What AdminTool does is to automate the process, so that the addition of users, creation of passwords, and entire process of managing people in your database is still easy to determine. But it saves the Administrator from the need to manually add people. Administrators' expertise can often be more advantageous in different areas.


How Does AdminTool Work?

AdminTool was designed to improve workflow for Administrators, easing their job and streamlining the user and group management operations, which are so integral to today's corporate communication process. Basically, AdminTool integrates with your LADP and current applications and synchronizes them, making the task of organizing users and groups across many functions of your company far easier to manage.

One main benefit from this application is that it simplifies the process while still providing optimal benefits:

  • Improves Efficiency Without Compromising on Security
    AdminTool improves efficiency manifold. Because the system is now automated, there isn't the need for Administrators to have the only access to create and/or manage users and groups. This is done without users (end users, help desk or HR) being given access to high level security objects, which are generally needed for this process. Users usually fill in a simple form that then goes through an approval process. Once approved, a highly optimized server task takes care of the request.
  • Easy to Track
    With AdminTool all Admin and User requests and activities are still logged and easily traceable. In fact logging is much better since it is done automatically and in detail at every step of the process.
  • No Need For Admin Authority
    This system allows users to create their own accounts and direct them into the proper groups, so there's no need for specific personnel with Administrative Authority to be tasked with the creation and manipulation of accounts. It can work through a Help Desk or Web Portal to lead users in their own creation and all actions are logged and easily traced.
  • Integration and Synchronicity
    AdminTool was specifically created to integrate with current systems making the implementation process much simpler. It can also be configured specifically to your own company needs.


AdminTool for Your User Management Protocol

AdminTool takes a lot of responsibility away from your technical staff, allowing them to concentrate their talents in more productive ways. It also saves a great deal of time, because administrative employees can complete their own tasks without waiting on approval for new account or user creation. One great benefit of implementation is that it actually improves your already high security features because the automation process removes the need for employees to have access to account information for other users. Overall, AdminTool can streamline the process of managing people in a secure environment while providing optimal record keeping.



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