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Anyone who works in the technology industry can attest to the fact that any given day in the life of an administrator is unlikely to be mundane. Administrators often have set agendas for their schedule but they don't often get the luxury of attacking their main objectives without interruption.

For example, the set goal for an administrator during the course of the business day might be to evaluate the progress of a new implementation. This might include A/B testing, going over data, and troubleshooting known issues. And these are often the very activities that drew an administrator to the technology field - endeavors that allow them to test their creativity and think through issues to find a solution.


The Best Laid Plans

For an administrator, the best-laid plans don't always work in reality.

While there are set responsibilities that those in IT perform to keep the corporate systems and databases running smoothly, there are also the many access and management issues that only an administrator has the authority to handle. During the course of completing a task that should routinely take two hours of uninterrupted concentration, an administrator might be asked to grant access to new hires, create new email accounts, and find a bevy of lost passwords.

In a large corporation, these unplanned for requests might pop up multiple times a day, which can conceivably take hours of the administrator's time.

Of course, administrators can't put off employee requests because that would mean compromising productivity throughout the organization. New hires can't begin working without having access to the proper database or being issued their own email accounts.

In cases where employees are terminated, it's essential that their access is immediately removed from any and all databases to protect corporate information. The crux of the problem for many administrators is in finding the right tools to help them manage all of the responsibilities they need to meet - continuing the progress of new advances while troubleshooting issues for employees outside of the IT department.


Domino Administrators Find Solutions

For a Domino administrator, the process of troubleshooting employee issues, maintaining groups, and overseeing the life cycle of all of the users in the corporate databases needs to allow optimal productivity for both the employees and the administrator. To this end, Domino administrators have incorporated the use of products that work in conjunction with Domino, such as AdminTool from BCC.

Overseeing the life cycle of a user can be a complicated affair for most administrators. AdminTool makes this responsibility easier by simplifying the process into a single simple form. This allows administrators to delegate these tasks to HR or the helpdesk or the users themselves.

In most cases, HR is best placed to make changes to employee access e.g. they would know exactly when a new employee will be starting and in which team/department etc or when someone will be leaving the company. With BCC AdminTool, rather than sending the request to a Domino admin, they can fill in a simple form, which is then put through an approval process, which the administrator can be involved in, of course.

Once approved, the user is added (or removed), their access to different databases can be set via memberships of appropriate groups. This makes the whole user on-boarding and off-boarding process simple and efficient and administrators can concentrate on more challenging aspects of their daily lives.



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