BCC recommends Dialogic (EICON) DIVA boards for implementing Charon 4.x:

2 channel Dialogic® Diva® BRI-2 (“Diva BRI-2”) The Diva BRI-2 is available in standard PCI and PCI Express®.
8 channel Dialogic® Diva® 4BRI-8 (“Diva 4BRI-8”) The Diva 4BRI-8 is available in standard PCI and PCI Express®.
30 channel upon request or XCAPI

Virtual fax boards
BCC Charon can be implemented in a complete virtual environment utilizing a virtual fax board using T.38 or Softfax. It can now be used in a complete virtual environment, utilizing a virtual fax board, so called XCAPI. XCAPI is a pure software solution for CAPI 2.0 applications, offering all the performance features of a classic ISDN card independent of the hardware. Scalability and interoperability form the perfect combination to integrate your fax server seamlessly into the world of IP communication.

XCAPI is provided by our partner TE SYSTEMS. You can find all technical details on their product website..

The required software or hardware for Charon can be purchased from BCC directly. Please contact us at sales@bcc.biz or call +49 6196 64040 0.

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