Identity and Access Management for IBM Lotus Domino

Features overview:

  • Request based automation and monitoring of user management processes without need to access to Certifier ID’s
    • registration of new users,
    • name or certifier changes,
    • ID extension,
    • relocation of the home server,
    • lock/unlock users,
    • deletion/undeletion,
    • archiving,
    • password recovery
  • Import interface to connect to HR systems (LDAP, SAP R/3, SAP HR, RACF, etc.) and existing Lotus Notes data bases
  • Automation of group management processes (creation, renaming, deleting, modification of attributes) with delegation function, request forms and approval workflows
  • Extensive process management through automated request verification before processing;
    • Notes Client roll-out incl. clustering, client configuration, applications;
    • monitoring, logging and error handling;
    • adjustment to individual processes via configuration options and event handling
  • Easy delegation of processes to the end users or central help desks via BCC Web Interface without need of administration rights within the Domino Directory
  • Event based monitoring and managing AdminP processes
  • Security features:
    • protection by encryption of Certifiers, IDs and passwords;
    • separated storage of user ID-files and passwords;
    • dedicated access control,
    • detailed recording of all actions for audit and compliance,
      providing process reliability
    • Fully automated server based processing via Domino server task
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