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Streamlining People Management With AdminTool

AdminTool offers an automated way to manage people and users. If your company uses Notes or Domino, the standard way of doing things was to have an Administrator add, delete, and otherwise manage users and groups. It would be up to an individual person to accomplish tasks, like giving users access, changing user names, and removing members so that they can no longer gain access once they've stopped working with the project or company.

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Top 5 Cyber Security Issues for Corporations

If it seems like cyber security issues have been the most talked about IT issue for the past ten years, it's because they have been, and for good reason. The Internet of Things has made it possible for hackers to access information that was once only possible to find through carefully carried out real world attacks. The good news is that we keep making advances to thwart new techniques to garner information and compromise corporate security. The bad news is, the hackers are exceptionally inventive and they continue to find ways to take advantage of weak points in security where they can find them. For IT security experts, the focus is in staying ahead of the coming attacks and meeting challenges in real time to diminish impact.


The Importance of Employee Training

When you think of employee training, you're probably considering the cost in onboarding a newly hired employee. You might be considering the expense in training existing employees to learn new software or technologies. And you likely know that training is an essential expenditure in reaping the best rewards from your staff. What you might not know is that training plays an integral role in staff retention. In fact, 70% of workers say that training and development have a direct impact on their loyalty to the company. Employees who aren't being challenge or don't feel that they're being trained and developed in an advantageous way will be less satisfied with their position and more inclined to look for other employment opportunities. 


The Importance of Your IBM Domino Server ID Password

Most people are aware of what a Domino server does - it holds all of the databases and therefore access to pretty much everything. And each server has a server ID. Protecting a server ID with a password works in much the same way that protecting a computer or account with an ID works. In this case, the server ID password is individual to the server itself, rather than the user, but access to that password is limited to a finite number of people with administrator authority.

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Administrator Authority and Security Considerations

Your company is most likely aware that data breaches, or the theft of internal information, often comes from the inside. Recent numbers suggest that as much as 50% of all data theft comes from internal employees, not the nameless, faceless hackers people often worry about. Most companies spend some time with training issues that can help in the realm of employee negligence, which does cause a percentage of the problem in diminished security. However, many large companies haven't addressed something far more insidious - possibilities of data theft from administrators.

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Priorities for IT Professionals in Insurance

For IT professionals in insurance, it's imperative to keep on top of the latest advances. While this is true for every industry, Insurance has some specific complexities that make security and accuracy even more essential. Across every business, there's a great push to make sure that client satisfaction is realized in real time. This means that consumers expect fully functioning web portals and instant information on their current policies, as well as recommendations for their future needs. For the IT professional, the responsibilities include maintaining the essential accessibility of client portals, as well as programming, security, and data analytics to maintain the best possible efficiency for staff members and agents.

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The Imperatives of Data Security Compliance

Technology offers us access to worlds of information. With access to personal records, your company has a responsibility to stay current and compliant with regulations in data security. There are many governing bodies and specific laws to consider. For companies that operate on a global scale, there's a need for compliance with local, national, and international regulations. There may also be a cross section of applicable regulations depending on the industry. For instance, any entity dealing with medical records will need to be compliant with HIPAA but may also need to maintain compliance with the Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard (PCI DSS) if they're collecting credit card information for payment.


The Importance of Real Time Security Features

Surprisingly, many major companies aren't even aware that real time security features exist. Or they misunderstand what this type of security accomplishes. What we're used to, what non-technical people understand with regard to security, is that we can track everything. So, in theory, you'd get an email or an alert when something malicious happens. If someone tried to hack your database, you'd get an alert letting you know that they were able to bypass your protections. You'd even be able to track exactly what records were accessed.

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Important Server Features for Financial Firms

What do financial firms need from their servers? Much of the finance industry is currently in an important period of transition that requires robust data solutions (we may not need to tell you that). From new compliance and transparency requirements to making sure that data routed swiftly and accurately, challenges are common. To help, here are a few of the most important features and tools for servers that you should consider when making plans:


How to Lock Down Access to your IBM Domino Servers?

Knowing how to lock down access to your IBM Domino server is of vital importance. In the event of unauthorised access to the server, a breach of confidentiality is more likely and can lead to data theft. Legal battles and hefty fines can be extremely detrimental to the company. Use the following steps to ensure the lockdown of your IBM Domino servers.

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