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BCC MailMigrationEngine "Exchange to Domino" - New Version 4.9


BCC has been among the leading solution providers for HCL Domino for over 25 years, and now introduces the new version 4.9 of the flagship BCC MailMigrationEngine 'Exchange to Domino'.

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BCC to build the bridge between Microsoft 365 & HCL Domino at Engage


BCC, a leading collaborations solutions company is proud to announce its participation as a Gold Sponsor at Engage 2023, the premier conference for HCL Digital Solutions User and Partners, taking place from April 24th to 26th at Felix Meritis venue in Amsterdam.

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European Collaboration Summit 2019


The European Collaboration Summit, also known as Collabsummit, is the largest community-driven conference in the world with a focus on modern workplace technologies and digital transformation, with topics such as Microsoft 365, Azure, SharePoint, AWS, Multicloud and Business Apps.

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Engage 2019 Round Up


With over 400 attendees, 1500 tweets, 88 speakers, 85 sessions, 26 sponsors and 35 IBM Champions .. It is safe to say that Engage 2019 was bigger than ever.  Read on for our round up of this amazing event.

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Migrating to Office 365? Provision, Migrate and Manage your users

A migration project, as a whole, is a big task and there are lots of things to plan and to consider.

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Project Focus: Mail Migration Engine - Domino to Office 365

A lot of our customers are facing the same challenges, we thought it would be a good idea to share some of our project experiences. This month's focus is a mail migration project.

One of the challenges companies face with "mergers and acquisitions" is how they merge the mail systems. This could be as simple as consolidating two similar mail systems, or as complex as having to bring in mail from a totally different solution.

One of our recent projects was just that. This customer had acquired part of another company. The acquired company had been using Domino for mail, the customer was an Office 365 user. The customer had no experience with Domino nor did they have access to the source mail system.  The host company were passing two copies of the mail files - one for testing, one for the live cut over.

How were they going to migrate the mail files with no idea of what to do with, or how to open a domino mail file? This had to be done securely and in a timely manner.

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