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Connections Adoption Month

July 2018 is IBM Connections Adoption month - weather you are using Connections on Premesis or in the Cloud there are many ways to help drive adoption to this fantastic business tool.

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Connections at Think 2018

What we learned at IBM Think 2018 and what is next for Connections

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Thoughts about Think 2018

IBM this year decided to host all of their big conferences in one place, all at the same time. Thomas Watson's motto for IBM employees for a long time was a single word "Think", so the marketing genius of IBM decided that we should all join together under this banner in 2018.

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Team Collaboration: Tools and Technologies for Collaboration


How many emails do you exchange with your team members each day? If that question alone makes you cringe a little, it might be time to reevaluate the way that your team collaborates. Emailing back and forth to set meetings, share information, request feedback, and get approval can slow down your projects considerably. If you want to spend less time lost in a sea of emails and more time getting work done, you’ll need to find the right team collaboration tools to help you and your team work smarter.

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The Perks of IBM Connections for Collaboration

At the most basic level, IBM Connections makes it easy to collaborate with colleagues and supports social sharing. Whilst other tools are challenging to use and not intuitive, IBM Connections offers comprehensive tracking, simple sharing and easy mobile access, making IBM Connections the best option for businesses that need to securely share with others.


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Benefits of Connecting Your Team Using IBM Connections


IBM Connections has been making a big impact in the business collaboration marketplace for some time and plenty has been written lately about the upcoming Connections Pink release later this year, even though not all at once.

Fundamentally, the Connections Pink release will be a revolutionary change in how IBM develops and delivers it's collaborative platform going forward. But what are the benefits available today for connecting your team in a collaborative framework?

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Connections Quick Start – A service from BCC for IBM Connections Help

IBM Connections is a leading business social network platform that helps you get your work done.

Connections allows your organization to engage the right people, accelerate innovation, and deliver results.

Connections can help you improve decision-making and increase productivity.

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IBM Connections: Our Best Articles and Advice

We've been talking about IBM Connections for a while now. Here's a roundup of our most popular articles and our most useful tips. 

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Industries That Love IBM Connections and Why

I started to write about industries that love IBM Connections, along with some reasons why, but quickly figured out that it would be easier to write about industries that don't, since there are none. There are companies in every industry segment that do, or at least should, love IBM Connections. To be fair, if you operate on an island and do not have multiple staff or vendors and partners collaborating on projects or processes, then IBM Connections might not have much to offer you. But if that is your business model, and you are truly a solo flier, it is surprising that you found this site and are reading this article. For everyone else, regardless of what industry segment you are in, please read on - there is a lot to love about IBM Connections in every industry - anywhere multiple players need to work together to define, develop, document or deliver business outcomes.

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End User Features in IBM Connections


When companies roll out IBM Connections, it can initially be met with the usual collective resistance any change tends to garner, but it doesn’t take long before resistance is replaced with excitement. Why? Connections brings to the table a long list of end user features that are actually useful! Absent is the usual mantra of "that's not a bug, it an 'undocumented feature'!" What becomes present is people telling each other about the cool thing they found they can do! It seems that IBM Connections is really living up to the hype of a social collaborative platform that is actually useful and effective. So what are some of these features?

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