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What is Connections Pink and Why Should You Care?


IBM, affectionately known as Big Blue, is turning their flagship collaboration software platform IBM Connections, Pink! At least as its internal project name.


The Top 10 Moments in IBM History and A Look Back at Lotus Notes

If you're a Lotus Notes client, it likely comes as no surprise that IBM notes and Domino share a rich history. In many ways their shared history mirrors that of the computing industry in general. The programs have influenced one another nearly every step of the way, beginning with the earliest conceptual moments and extending through major programmatic releases. The following compilation follows some of Big Blue's adventures from 1911 to the present, highlighting some of the more memorable points in its acquisition of Lotus Notes and Domino.


Happy birthday Lotus Notes, hello IBM Verse!

Exactly 25 years ago, version 1.0 of Lotus Notes was presented to the world which built the foundation for "Groupware" - a completely new software category and industry.

Amazingly, applications created for version 1.0 can still run in the most recent release 9.0 of IBM Notes.


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