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Protect your IBM Domino Server Environment

I communicate with organisations all over the world on a day-to-day basis. A lot of the companies I speak with have very large IBM Domino environments, especially government and financial institutions are dealing with the same issues.

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A Day in the Life of a Domino Administrator

Anyone who works in the technology industry can attest to the fact that any given day in the life of an administrator is unlikely to be mundane. Administrators often have set agendas for their schedule but they don't often get the luxury of attacking their main objectives without interruption.

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Administrator Authority and Security Considerations

Your company is most likely aware that data breaches, or the theft of internal information, often comes from the inside. Recent numbers suggest that as much as 50% of all data theft comes from internal employees, not the nameless, faceless hackers people often worry about. Most companies spend some time with training issues that can help in the realm of employee negligence, which does cause a percentage of the problem in diminished security. However, many large companies haven't addressed something far more insidious - possibilities of data theft from administrators.

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The 5 Best Domino Admin Blogs You Should be Following

Support in the Domino community comes in many different shapes. The following list is a group of five blogs with impeccable information, each with a unique blogging style. Find your muse in the voice that you prefer.

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