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BCC: A Video View of our Products

For years BCC has worked with companies to secure their social business infrastructure, automate underlying administration processes and ensure regulatory compliance.

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Going to IBM Connect 2017? So are we...

I, Tim Clark, will be at IBM Connect again this year, but this time in San Francisco. Not my first time to Lotusphere / Connected / Connect or first time to San Francisco. But it will be my first time being with BCC at Connect and we are all quite excited to be honest.

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ClientGenie Analyzer can give you a 360° view


For administrators, who want to have a handle on their IBM Notes client environment, it is crucial to understand what you are working with from the outset. 

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ClientGenie 6 Now Available – Client Management Solution

We are pleased to announce the availability of ClientGenie 6 – a completely redesigned version of our client management solution for IBM Notes.

Significant improvements have been made to the performance of ClientGenie including the start time of the IBM Notes client (as compared to the previous version). This was achieved by optimizing the program sequence and switching to multithreading.


What an IBM Domino Admin Really Needs from a Configuration Tool

When an IBM Domino Administrator opens their computer there are distinct aspects of the tools they use that can make life easier for them to do their job or make it unnecessarily difficult. What an administrator really needs from a configuration tool is the ability to delegate tasks while streamlining processes with a simple rather than complex tool. As with all admin tools, there is a definitive need for it to work smoothly and be configured to work with currently used processes.

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ClientGenie – How it works

ClientGenie is a comprehensive and feature rich Notes client administration solution that is simple to install and use. Because this tool is so powerful, you might want to learn how the backend processes of ClientGenie work and the tool interacts with the Notes client. The following steps describe the actions and processes, that ClientGenie uses to manage the Notes client.

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ClientGenie – Wie funktioniert es?

ClientGenie bietet eine Funktionsvielfalt, ist dabei einfach zu installieren und anzuwenden. Wenn Sie wissen möchten, wie genau die Anwendung die Notes Clients steuert, finden Sie hier eine schrittweise Darstellung.

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ClientGenie – Features

Mass changes / Project Support

  • Domain migrations /Splitting
  • Server consolidations
  • User / server recertification
  • Analysis: check which databases are in use on users’ workspaces
  • Change the required links on the Notes workstation to point to the new server / domain: database icons, entries in bookmarks and replicator page
  • Remove all links to databases which are not longer required: database icons on users’ desktops, entries in bookmark folders and replicator page
  • Add connection document to the users Names.nsf
  • Edit Location documents to reflect new server / domain / Cross Certificate
  • Conditional execution
  • Collect and store user ID’s in a central inventory database


ClientGenie – Einstieg leicht gemacht

ClientGenie bietet zahlreiche Funktionen für die Notes Client Administration, und ist dabei einfach einzusetzen und zu verwenden.

Was wird auf dem Domino Server installiert?

  • Zentrale Configuration-Datenbank
  • Zentrale Inventory-Datenbank (hier werden die User IDs, Adressbücher, Client-Daten als XML-Dateien, etc. gespeichert)
  • Hilfe-Datenbank

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ClientGenie – Übersicht

Das tägliche Administrieren von Notes-Arbeitsplätzen gehört zu den zeitraubendsten und aufwändigsten Tätigkeiten in IBM Notes und Domino-Umgebungen. Organisatorische Veränderungen, wie etwa Fusionen oder Unternehmenskäufe, bringen weitere Herausforderungen mit sich. Mit ClientGenie erhalten die Administratoren das perfekte Werkzeug sowohl für die tägliche Administration als auch für Infrastrukturprojekte.

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