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Tim Clark

Tim Clark started in IT back in 1987, he's seen technology come and go and some of it come back again. Joining BCC in 2016 Tim brings his expertise in IBM Collaboration Software, IT Project Management and Customer Services to the international team.

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New Hire Onboarding Is A Lot Like Renting A Car

Do you speed a new hire along the on-ramp or make them wait at the rental desk?

I'm going to make a rather large assumption at the beginning here and that is you travel and sometimes you rent a car at the airport.


If you do this regularly you may be tempted to become a valued member of the loyalty program for the rental car company of your choice. When you do, what happens next is really quite astounding the next time you rent a vehicle from your chosen company.


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Going to IBM Connect 2017? So are we...

I, Tim Clark, will be at IBM Connect again this year, but this time in San Francisco. Not my first time to Lotusphere / Connected / Connect or first time to San Francisco. But it will be my first time being with BCC at Connect and we are all quite excited to be honest.

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Top 5 Actions to Boost Your IBM Domino Server Security

Building on a previous article about the top 5 security concerns in IBM Domino Server, we will take a look at the corresponding top 5 actions you can take to boost your IBM Domino Server security. While you no doubt hire trustworthy Domino administrators, insider attacks are a real problem. Use of a two-man rule on changes to ACL’s, configurations and other Domino control components is a great way to improve security and confidence..

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Tips for Deploying Notes Plugins

If you use IBM Notes, it is quite likely you also use plugins. Plugins are very useful things, allowing companies to make menu and content changes, or even context menu changes (right-click menus) in Notes. Building on plugins, widgets can also be created for use in the sidebar. Widgets can use multiple plugins to provide improved usability and presentation value to your Notes client desktop. In short, plugins are powerful little bits of functionality that can be centrally developed then deployed across a large number of users. But as with many things in the tech world, all this goodness comes with security concerns.

IBM Notes

Top 5 Security Concerns in IBM Domino Servers

In IT these days, server security has taken on a whole new level of importance in light of all the data breaches and denial of service attacks. It seems every day there is a new vulnerability uncovered in widely used software, or another company – or even entire industries – that are targeted for attack. Yet too often the email servers are either overlooked or their importance downplayed. This is a mistake, and if it is one you have made, we will take a look at the top 5 actions you can take to boost the security of your IBM Domino Servers.

IBM Domino, security

“Unable to Find Valid Target Platform” when installing IBM Connections Plug-ins for IBM Notes

How frustrating is this? Notes 9.0.1 FP7 on Windows 10 refuses to install the Connections Plugins. Keep getting the following error message in a dialog box that only has an OK button.

Content not found