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Sharon James

Sharon has been working in the IT Industry for 25 years. and has spoken at all the major ICS user groups and Lotusphere/Connect/Think. She has been an IBM Champion since 2011 and is part of the team behind ICONUK the UK HCL User Group. Technical specialist in the IBM/HCL Collaboration stack, Sharon is also now working with the Microsoft collaboration stack of Teams, SharePoint and Yammer

Recent Posts

Year of Yammer

As I am working a lot with Microsoft 365 lately and I am a social animal I was very interested in what is going on with Yammer - 2020 is #YearOfYammer  and rightly so.

Microsoft, microsoft ignite, yammer

HCL Connections what the future holds

Tuesday 6th August Sharon joined the HCL Connections - Our Future is Now call with Danielle Baptiste. Here is a summary of what is in store. Let's just say that HCL's development and commitment to Connections is taking a similar path to Domino ......

HCL, Connections

European Collaboration Summit 2019


The European Collaboration Summit, also known as Collabsummit, is the largest community-driven conference in the world with a focus on modern workplace technologies and digital transformation, with topics such as Microsoft 365, Azure, SharePoint, AWS, Multicloud and Business Apps.

AdminTool, migration, O365, collabsummit

Engage 2019 Round Up


With over 400 attendees, 1500 tweets, 88 speakers, 85 sessions, 26 sponsors and 35 IBM Champions .. It is safe to say that Engage 2019 was bigger than ever.  Read on for our round up of this amazing event.

AdminTool, migration, Domino10, O365, engage

Connections Adoption Month

July 2018 is IBM Connections Adoption month - weather you are using Connections on Premesis or in the Cloud there are many ways to help drive adoption to this fantastic business tool.

IBM connections cloud, IBM Connections, Adoption

Watson Workspace at Think 2018

What we learned at IBM Think 2018 and what is next for Watson Wokspace

collaboration tools, bcc, IBM Think, think 2018, watson workspace

Connections at Think 2018

What we learned at IBM Think 2018 and what is next for Connections

IBM Connections, ibm connections pink, collaboration tools, bcc, IBM Think, think 2018

Streamlining Identity Management

Good identity management is essential. Security and regulatory compliance are a major factor in any kind of effective Identity Management and Access Governence solution. So why is it still so difficult for so many organizations?

security, Automation, identity management, accessgovernance

Documentation is the Most Valuable Thing You Do

You do write documentation right?

Writing or maintaining documentation is probably the most important things that a System Administrator can do, but because you can do it doesn't mean you do.

We are all busy, lots of us System Admins, Consultants, and Developers have multiple tasks and have day jobs so where do you find the time to do this necessary evil?

I learned the hard way, wasting time, continually having to look things up, trying to remember how I fixed that thing I did that time –  enough was enough. I started to write documentation.


SUTOL 2016 Round up


Last week we were in the beautiful city of Prague for the 8th annual SUTOL Czech user group. It was a small affair with approx. 100 attendees – making it more like an extended family gathering, which actually worked really well. The sessions were well attended and there seems to be a chunk of Czech business that already have hybrid and cloud environments and are users of IBM Connections.


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