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Arshad Khalid

Arshad is the Director of Technical Services at BCC. He looks after services like project implementation for international customers. Development and enhancement of BCC's DominoProtect solution also falls under his remit.

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IBM Connections Cloud User Management Made Simple – overview

There is a lot to like about IBM Connections Cloud offerings, but you must keep in mind that there are user management requirements that remain with your company, even in a cloud only solution. And the reality is that IBM Connections Cloud does not easily or automatically integrate with other Identity Access Management (IAM) tools and platforms. This results in a need to either use the IBM provided interfaces with their limitations, or build your own integration to your existing IAM solution, or use a third party application to bridge the gap. That is what we will look at in this article - specifically BCC’s AdminTool for Connections Cloud.

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BCC DominoProtect Can Address Key Security Gaps in IBM Domino Servers

There was a time when software could focus on delivering the business solution it was designed to provide. But with the ever escalating threats of hacking and data breaches, from both external and internal sources, far more attention needs to be placed on security, along with audit trails and event logs which can be used to perform forensic investigations. IBM Domino Servers, even though a robust and secure platform, lack the depth of logging necessary to deal with today’s challenges. While Domino Server does an excellent job providing a collaboration and email platform, it can be prone to some significant security gaps, due in part to the lack of logging.

Domino Protect, IBM Domino, security

The Benefits of Automated Request-Based Architecture in Corporate IT


Request-based architecture offers your corporation a great safety feature. In basic terms, one person will never have full control over actions with this type of system. If you've ever watched old movies, where two people have the codes for nuclear bombs, you'll understand the reasoning behind this architecture. Those two people would need to input their codes, or turn their keys, at the same time in order to complete the action.


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How to Improve IBM Connections Adoption in your Organization


IBM Connections is in essence a social networking platform for business, designed to improve collaboration and communication. But there are many components available, and the best ROI comes with widespread user adoption. So what are some things that more technical members of your staff can do to increase adoption of IBM Connections within your company or organization?


IBM connections cloud

The Importance of Your IBM Domino Server ID Password

Most people are aware of what a Domino server does - it holds all of the databases and therefore access to pretty much everything. And each server has a server ID. Protecting a server ID with a password works in much the same way that protecting a computer or account with an ID works. In this case, the server ID password is individual to the server itself, rather than the user, but access to that password is limited to a finite number of people with administrator authority.

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The Importance of Real Time Security Features

Surprisingly, many major companies aren't even aware that real time security features exist. Or they misunderstand what this type of security accomplishes. What we're used to, what non-technical people understand with regard to security, is that we can track everything. So, in theory, you'd get an email or an alert when something malicious happens. If someone tried to hack your database, you'd get an alert letting you know that they were able to bypass your protections. You'd even be able to track exactly what records were accessed.

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Data Protection Through Organizational Protocol

Data protection - it's probably one of your company's top priorities. But often we concentrate our efforts to protect against threats that are external to the company - software and other measures to keep influences from infiltrating systems. What companies have to be aware of in order to truly lock down their important information is that internal threats are far greater. Many data security issues are instigated from the inside. It's estimated that over 70% of data breaches at banks and other financial corporations are instigated by employees or past employees. There are also a high number of employees who gain access to proprietary data and use it to their benefit, either to leverage employment with a competitor or to start their own venture. While there are legal options your company can employ to deter this activity, it still happens.

Domino Protect, data protection

How to Lock Down Access to your IBM Domino Servers?

Knowing how to lock down access to your IBM Domino server is of vital importance. In the event of unauthorised access to the server, a breach of confidentiality is more likely and can lead to data theft. Legal battles and hefty fines can be extremely detrimental to the company. Use the following steps to ensure the lockdown of your IBM Domino servers.

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