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When a multi-national bank finds a Case for DBTool

Written by Arshad Khalid


One of my first projects when I started at BCC was to streamline the whole database lifecycle at a multi-national investment bank based in the US. This global investment firm was using a lot of enterprise critical Notes applications. They had multiple business units, each having its own set of applications and of course since all of these applications were built in-house, they needed maintenance on a regular basis.

As we all know, in application terms, maintenance means adding or modifying things that inevitably result in design changes. Once the design changes are complete, they also need to be applied to the production environment, which is normally carried out by the administrator. And of course when an application’s design has been modified, it is highly likely that there might be some agents that might need turning on or off or schedules set etc. And given this is a blue chip financial organisation, it is bound to comply with legal regulations namely logging every single change made to the IT infrastructure.


BCC: A Video View of our Products

For years BCC has worked with companies to secure their social business infrastructure, automate underlying administration processes and ensure regulatory compliance.

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DBTool – how it works

DBTool supports all aspects of Database Management. It automates the processes, documents all database attributes, allows audit reports, and enforces the defined policy settings to assigned databases. 

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DBTool Funktionen

Application Lifecycle Management

Datenbanken und Repliken anlegen, Sperren/Entsperren, Löschen, Datenbanken modifizieren: ACL, Agents, Settings (z.B. Quota, AdminServer, etc.)

Application Access Management

Kopplung mit Gruppen-/User-Management via AdminTool möglich, Anwendungszugriff wird in einem Vorgang erteilt

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DBTool – Übersicht

Historisch gewachsene IBM Lotus Notes und Domino Umgebungen mit Tausenden Datenbanken stellen Organisationen vor große organisatorische Herausforderungen. In der täglichen Administration wie auch bei Infrastruktur-Projekten liefern Notes/Domino Bordmittel keine ausreichende Unterstützung. Von der Fertigstellung einer neuen Anwendung in der Entwicklungsumgebung bis zum produktiven Einsatz sind viele einzelne Arbeitsschritte notwendig. Immer wieder anstehende Änderungen im laufenden Betrieb, sowie Analyse bestehender Umgebungen z.B. vor Serverkonsolidierungen, Domänenzusammenführungen oder Certifier-Wechseln resultieren in hohem Aufwand für die Administratoren. Revisions- und Compliance-Ansprüche an die Zuordnung fachlicher wie technischer Zuständigkeiten sowie Nachvollziehbarkeit erfolgter Änderungen sind schwierig bis gar nicht zu erfüllen.

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Products Overview

BCC’s Solutions for IBM Notes and Domino Infrastructure Management

DominoProtect adds an essential extra layer of security for IBM Domino enabling prevention and tracking of unwanted changes in real time ensuring compliance with legal regulations. Additionally it lets you secure the server ID with a password and enable unattended server restarts.

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