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Collaboration Tools and the Gartner Magic Quadrants

As you search for collaboration tools and software for your business, you will want to explore as much research as possible so that you can make a more informed decision and choose the best fit for your company. The Gartner Magic Quadrants are a helpful research tool that you can use to better understand what tools are available in the market and how they might help your business get ahead. Below, we’ll discuss the Gartner Magic Quadrant research methodology and how you can use it to find the best collaboration tools for your business.

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MWLUG - Past and Present

For nearly a decade, members and collaborators of the IBM community have gathered for a three-day conference. Each conference provides attendees with a vast array of experiences, networking opportunities, and insider knowledge from the best experts in the field. After attending MWLUG, most people find that they have learned firsthand about the most relevant and exciting innovations in the IBM community, have made personal connections with industry professionals they might not otherwise have met, and have learned about a wide range of relevant and useful topics within the IBM ecosystem.


New Hire Onboarding Is A Lot Like Renting A Car

Do you speed a new hire along the on-ramp or make them wait at the rental desk?

I'm going to make a rather large assumption at the beginning here and that is you travel and sometimes you rent a car at the airport.


If you do this regularly you may be tempted to become a valued member of the loyalty program for the rental car company of your choice. When you do, what happens next is really quite astounding the next time you rent a vehicle from your chosen company.


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The General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) just around the corner - Are you ready for it?


The EU General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) is just around the corner and Non-EU organisations that do business in the EU with EU data subjects' personal data should prepare to comply with the Regulation as well.

Those providing products or services to EU customers or processing their data may have to face the long arm of the law if an incident is reported. 

The GDPR will be enforced from 25 May 2018. Organisations only have a short time to ensure that they are compliant.

Benefits of Connecting Your Team Using IBM Connections


IBM Connections has been making a big impact in the business collaboration marketplace for some time and plenty has been written lately about the upcoming Connections Pink release later this year, even though not all at once.

Fundamentally, the Connections Pink release will be a revolutionary change in how IBM develops and delivers it's collaborative platform going forward. But what are the benefits available today for connecting your team in a collaborative framework?

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BCC at Social Connections 11

Stephanie, Sharon & Tim are in Chicago to attend Social Connections 11 on the 1st & 2nd June. They have plenty of products in the portfolio to show you, but their focus will be on the automated migration and on-boarding to IBM Connections Cloud and the easy user management with AdminTool.

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What's Hot in IBM Connections Pink?


Pink seems to be a very popular color for 2017. But apart from the social and political explosion of the color, IBM has also code named their upcoming Connections offering as IBM Connections Pink. Considering that "Big Blue" is going pink, at least to their internal teams, the message is clear from the start that this marks something new - a radical change from their traditional approach to software updates.

IBM declares that Connections Pink is cognitive, seamless, open and flexible, and it is the future of business collaboration.

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Social Connections 11 Chicago: Why You Should Attend!


Social business users of IBM Connections rejoice – the next conference for users of the platform to connect, share and learn from one another is fast approaching!

Scheduled for June 1-2, 2017 in Chicago, Illinois, Social Connections 11 will bring together fascinating speakers, informative keynote addresses, instructive break out sessions and plenty of exciting networking opportunities for existing and prospective IBM Connections customers alike.

For those who haven't yet bought their ticket to attend Social Connections 11, here are the seven key advantages of attending this year's conference in Chicago.

Insurance Company Values Security and Compliance - Selects DominoProtect

Written by Arshad Khalid


It doesn’t happen very often that a potential customer project comes along which is an almost exact fit for the product you are managing and have been evangelising. But that’s exactly what happened a few months ago when I was called in to participate in an initial meeting with a potential customer – not naming any names (simply because I can’t), it was with one of the biggest insurance companies in the world, if not the biggest.


Connections Quick Start – A service from BCC for IBM Connections Help

IBM Connections is a leading business social network platform that helps you get your work done.

Connections allows your organization to engage the right people, accelerate innovation, and deliver results.

Connections can help you improve decision-making and increase productivity.

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