The Challenge

Many organisations are currently looking for a solution that allows them to continue to use their HCL Domino databases in a modern environment, flexibly and without HCL Domino Server. What sounds simple in theory quickly leads to problems in practice.

Notes Mail databases, mail-in databases and Notes Mail archives can usually be archived with a manageable amount of effort. They do not need to be converted to a new target system, as their contents "only" need to remain available for legal and/or information reasons. On the other hand, business-critical Domino applications that are used productively and whose content must also remain available for legal and/or information reasons can often only be rebuilt with considerable effort. It is therefore not surprising that many organisations that have been looking to replace Notes for years are still using Domino databases.


The Solution

BCC ActiveArchive is a server-based solution that allows you to intuitively archive historical email databases and Notes documents from applications and transform operational data into a variety of target formats, such as Microsoft SharePoint or SQL.

It covers all the key issues that matter to you: We take a full inventory and analyse how many Lotus Notes databases you have. We analyse the size of your databases and file attachments and who else is using them. We then draw up a plan tailored to your needs and explain in detail how archiving and transformation work. We show you how to store the data securely in archives and how to access the archived data. We will explain how to prepare the data for new target systems and how best to use the data in Microsoft SharePoint, SQL databases or low-code applications such as Microsoft Power Apps and Mendix. And, of course, we also explain how you can comply with GDPR requirements and ensure audit-compliant access to Lotus Notes data in the archive or in the new target platform.


The Product

Fast, easy and secure! ActiveArchive converts any Notes application, complete with standardised views, into a format compatible with web browsers. Your users can access the content in read-only mode using any web browser.

The software seamlessly integrates your corporate identity via CSS design files, ensuring a consistent look and feel with existing browser applications.

ActiveArchive also works automatically. It evaluates the design of your applications and Notes documents using built-in analysis, so you need to make very few manual design or programming adjustments.

With ActiveArchive, your archived data can be easily integrated and used in new target systems such as Microsoft SharePoint, SQL databases and low-code applications such as Microsoft Power Apps and Mendix.


The Process


We take a clearly structured approach to archiving and transformation, so you always know where you stand. Using our innovative BCC process model, we migrate your data in just four steps:

  1.  Analysis of existing Domino applications
  2.  Evaluation and categorisation of applications
  3.  Archive historical data
  4.  Transform operational data

Learn more about the process model here.


The Added Value


Ease of use and compliance with existing security requirements, encryption and data protection requirements are just some of the added values that make our ActiveArchive product so unique.

Learn more about the added values here.


The Target Systems


ActiveArchive gives you the flexibility to select systems and formats. Lots of customers prefer to archive in HTML, which is an open and generally useful standard that can be moved to other apps later. Encrypted Notes are archived in PDF or PDF/A to maintain the same security level in the target and source systems. Plenty of future-proof platforms are on hand as target destinations. ActiveArchive can convert data to Microsoft SharePoint, SQL databases, and any file systems that can be accessed from the Domino server.

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Features of BCC ActiveArchive


  • Meet business and compliance requirements for continuous access to application data.
  • Seamless transfer from the HCL Domino server to the browser.
  • Use of CSS stylesheets when converting documents and views.
  • Domino Server-based conversion of Notes applications.
  • Flexible control of one-off tasks or regular conversion runs.
  • Profile-based selection of documents to be converted by creation time, file type and creator.
  • Flexible definition of the file path.
  • No web server required, provision of all documents directly from the browser to the client.
  • Export of application data to PDF/A files.

Release Notes

BCC ActiveArchive Release from 02.01.2024
In version 4.x the following new functionalities have been installed.

SPR Information Version
AA-1646 Standard-Stylesheet German:
In addition to the "BCC Default Stylesheet", there is also a German version.
When updating, the stylesheet must be copied from the template to the existing database.
AA-1646 Sorting and grouping folders in the navigation bar:
Under Archive → Folder Options, you can specify the folders to be exported. A separator can be specified for grouping.
AA-1670 Temp-Box:
The following settings can now be made in the settings for the temporary database:
  • Preferred design elements: Notes or Web
  • Preferred Language
  • Preferred region
These settings and the settings in the HTML setup are used only for fields in form and subforms, not for calculated text, static text, or rich text content.
AA-1255 Archiving in SQL tables:
To further process data in other applications, fields can be transferred from Notes databases to SQL databases.
The SQL Exporter uses 64-bit Windows ODBC drivers and settings.
AA-1827 Archiving to SharePoint subfolders:
With the help of a new service template, attachments can be exported to SharePoint page/libraries or to OneDrive.
The defined metadata is exported to SharePoint lists.
AA-1541 Permissions can be set to the Windows target folder. The settings are separate from the document permissions and can be set separately.


Security Update

Following on from two vulnerabilities identified on October 11th 2023, the open-source curl project has recommended that users of the libcurl library upgrade to use the latest version of this library.

BCC makes extensive use of the open-source library curl (or libcurl) in many of its products. This library is used by our products when transferring data over HTTP or HTTPS. The curl open-source project has announced a new version (8.4.0) addressing the security vulnerabilities identified.

We are now pleased to announce that our latest versions of all products will use curl version 8.4.0, which is identified as not having the vulnerabilities. The new version ActiveArchive is now available on our download website.

More details on the vulnerabilities can be found at or

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